Our heartfelt thanks go to all those contributors who supported us so far.


  • Andreas Knappe, who donated 25 euros for New Game.
  • Vorobyov Andrey, who donated 10 euros for Guild Master.
  • Johnson Keriri, who donated 20 euros for New Game.
  • Jethro Salim, who donated 20 euros for New Game.
  • Christian Bote, who donated 10 euros for Guild Master.
  • Dona(rg)tions, who donated 10 euros for Guild Master.
  • Tentacle Daddy, who donated 20 euros for Guild Master.

Peculiar extras:

  • Ilyrox for the home page header. He is an adorable young drinking buddy who is currently attending an animation academy as well as an university. He likes goth, cute stuff, and yaoi. We found his art lovely, and we warmly invite you to look at more of his drawings on his instagram! He is friendly and well-mannered, so don’t hold back if you want to talk to him! He is also open to commissions!
  • Teerree4 for this website. He is a young and cute drinking buddy who has started to work in the web developing field some years ago, and is currently our webmaster as well as an occasional cheerleader for our translator. He likes football, video games and trance music. We warmly invite you to contact him at this address for any suggestion regarding this website. Given his friendly nature, he will answer any question you might ask him (and if he doesn’t, your mail just ended up in his spam folder)! He is also open to commissions!
  • Gecko for his patience and goodwill. He is an adorable fan of our series who always help us improving the quality of our releases by pointing out quite a lot of typos. You can find him and see his reports on our discord server! Although we are not sure about it, we think he appreciates moe, so feel free to post moe pics in our pic-spam channel!
  • Kiya Siph for helping us editing and improving our translator’s raw translations when our editor can’t work on them. She is an adorable fairy with a sweet voice and a very fun person to talk to. You can find her on our discord server or on her twitter. Sometimes she draws illustrations too, but the lack of free time in her life is legendary. She is also open to cuddles and cute stuff.