Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 16


TL note: Actually, Arachne captured only one person. We already fixed it. My apologies. Those who hide in the forest Raiz had two kinds of subordinates. The first one was composed of monster with sheer strength as their main characteristic. Dragon, Lamia, Treant and Dryad belonged to this group, along with other. Their abilities shone on the battlefield, and they were recognized as a valuable fighting force. What about [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 15


Need a hero It happened a month before. An expensive rug was spread on the floor, and affixed on the walls were metal armours, swords, and shields. On the other side, huge paintings and various decorations coloured the room. Dozens of money bags wouldn’t have been nearly enough to buy all of that. The one who owned all of that sat on a chair, as to look down at people [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 14


Two options “Raiz, someone is going after you.” Stated Merck, his former comrade, and the next moment Arachne brought the suspicious guy she had just caught. “He looks like a civilian, but has calluses on his hands. He probably has combat experience.” Added Merck after examining the man. They decided to move the body beyond the hill so that the carpenters couldn’t see it. “Can’t he be a farmer [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 13


Call from an old place “I-It’s been a while, Raiz.” The girl’s face flushed all of a sudden. “Yeah.” She was fidgeting awkwardly, so he greeted her with a friendly tone. “Hey mister, do you know those ladies?” “Ladies?!” The carpenters asked Raiz about its relationship with the newcomers. Merck was shocked about being addressed as a girl, but it wasn’t the first time, given the delicate features of [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 12


Let's build a house Bam, bam, bam! The sound of hammering echoed in the air. Raiz and his comrades were working at the construction site where the new Monsters’ Delivery’s base would be built. Since their former office was destroyed by the storm, they needed a new one. The carpenter did him a favor regarding the payment time, but Raiz was both grateful and sorry at the same time. [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 11


A new home “Goodbye, my dear house. I won’t forget the days we spent together!” Raiz raised a shout of grief after looking at the dried pieces of lumber that once were his house. “Even though it was brief. Hahaha!” “It was so lively and now it’s so empty!” Unicorn was the only one who was happy. In front of them was the hut where they lived until not [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 10


Dragon's back Dark clouds covered Dekuch’s sky. Before rainfall, people were getting home in a hurry. “It’s going to rain.” Whispered Raiz, as Unicorn healed the back pain of elders. “You’re right. Tonight might get stormy.” Commented his subordinate, while the people who were getting healed looked up at the sky, worried about the changing weather rather than happy for the treatment. “That would be bad.” Raiz wore a [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 9


Dragon's anguish Dragon sighed deeply. He had yet to receive his first job, but as the strongest monster, he couldn’t express his distress over something so trivial. Dragons were prideful beasts, after all. “Hey, Dragon!” Then, someone called him. “Master. How can I help you?” Hiding his anxiety, he firmly faced Raiz. “Lately you don’t look good. Is there something wrong?” But the tamer saw through his facade, and [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 8


Dragon, the strongest monster The day started early for Raiz, the manager of the Monsters’ Delivery, and a few of his subordinates. Some fought to get the privilege of waking up their master, some couldn’t stand the cold and waited until their body was warm enough, and some laid an egg. Between those monsters, one in particular was flying to get his food. A shadow cast from above covered [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 7


Treant's sap “We need some arboreal monster’s sap or nectar to fix this issue.” “The sap or nectar?” “Arboreal monsters are more resilient than normal plants. This resistance can be used to fight diseases.” “I’m strooong.” Said proudly Treant. “Can you give me some?” Treant nodded. “We can provide the sick wheat with that resistance. It would be like using medicine for plants.” “Then do it right away, I [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 6


Dryad and the wheat field “Is agriculture the main source of food of the city?” A wheat field extended in front of Raiz and his subordinates. “Why have they planted everything so close to the others? They should leave more space between plants.” Dryad, who didn’t have any notion of farming, tilted her head. “Yeeeah, you’re riiight.” Treant also looked baffled as he observed the field. “Hey, are you [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 5


Morning duty “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Sang a cockatrice at the crack of dawn, waking up the other monsters in the ranch. Some immediately got up and started their daily routine right away, while others sluggishly opened their eyes and remained half-asleep until the sun woke them up. Each monster has its own habits. But even among them, one was particularly early. “And today too, I’ll wake up Lord Raiz~ ♪ ” [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 4


Let's start “How boring.” It was already a week since the grand opening of their guild. Raiz kept waiting for customers to show up, but no one ever did. “Why?! I promoted this place just fine! I even demonstrated that lamias and unicorns are both harmless!” He brought with him the most beautiful and kind monsters he had, but there was a problem. A single, enormous problem he wasn’t aware of. [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 3


Let's live in this city! “Actually, I’ve come to ask for an available place that can be managed by me for my monsters.” “A place… you say?” Honestly, Trow sounded skeptical about what Raiz planned to do with his monsters. It was obvious, since he came to the city along with a dragon. “As you know, the war with the neighboring country is over.” Raiz started to calmly explain, in order [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 2


Toward the city “Monsters are attacking!” The lookout’s voice echoed from the walls of Dekuch. Soldiers hurried over, immediately shut the gates and prepared their bows. “Where are they?!” No matter where they looked, not a single monster could be found. “Up there! In the sky!” Then, a huge shadow blackened the sky. A cloud passing by? But when they looked at the sky, their hopes were brutally betrayed. [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 1


Monsters out in the cold “Bloody hell, we have no work.” Raiz, the tamer admired by everyone as the strongest ever seen, was in big trouble. This was due to the end of the long war that raged between the Kingdom of Tend and Serga. “What will happen to us when we lose our job…?” After he tamed and recruited any kind of powerful beast in the ranks of Tend, [...]