New Game – Chapter 13


Major companies - Part 2 Mirta's victory party lasted until the next day. The slums' residents were so excited it was like they were still celebrating the Harvest Festival, and since this wasn't an official festival, everyone was a little more carefree. Lots of fights, some even involving Valeria's members, broke out. The merchants kept bringing food and drinks in a hurry, maybe because they were also carried by [...]

New Game – Chapter 12


Major companies - Part 1 The large room was filled with a dim light. The walls were impossible to see, but the few visible objects looked quite valuable, included the ground. At its center stood a single man. His face was as pale as a ghost’s, and trickles of sweat were running down his body. There wasn’t a trace of his usual obnoxious expression. “Good grief… I had some [...]

New Game – Chapter 11


Leader - Part 2 The next day, the main street square was filled with a huge crowd that counted every member of Valeria, a hundred and twelve in total. On their faces there wasn’t a trace of the happy mood of the festival or the fatigue it should have left on them. The slums witnessed a similar scene only once before. The funeral of Valeria’s founder and leader, Vatel [...]

New Game – Chapter 10


Leader - Part 1 While the sound of people having fun could still be heard from outside, the entire room fell silent. Geiz rested his massive body on the sofa. On the other side were Mirta and Takumi, with Karin, Kunon, and Jill behind them. “So… what is it that you want to talk about?” It was obvious that Mirta was anxious. The man glanced at Takumi and clicked [...]

New Game – Chapter 9


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 4 Twilight dyed the sky red. Takumi and his comrades got back to Valeria to report the situation. “Thank you… Thank you so much!” Were the first words that Mirta told them as she bowed. “No problem. Everything proceeded smoothly, after all.” “This is bad, though. Now we have to rethink about a lot of stuff.” Commented Karin. She was writing restlessly on [...]

New Game – Chapter 8


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 3 ‘Workers Street’ was the boundary that divided the middle part of Listina from the lower one. Since the latter had some criminality issues and people didn’t want to step into that dangerous zone, that street was created. It was also the middle part’s last safety zone, or so it was said. Given the bad temperament of craftsmen, quarrels and fights were a [...]

New Game – Chapter 7


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 2 We can’t say that the slums’ public order was handled greatly. There were some rude workers with stubborn dispositions that helped maintaining peace in their streets, but the slums were poor and filled with outcasts and people of that kind. Fights were an everyday occurrence and so was every sort of crime. Also, children filled the streets as beggars and tried to [...]

New Game – Chapter 6


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 1 Seven years went by. It might seem a very long time, but things didn’t really change. At least, Listina’s conditions remained the same. Thanks to the massive amount of clean water the Verne Lake’s provided, there weren’t any periods of drought, and shipping channels became the main means of transport of the capital as they intertwined in the streets. That’s the reason [...]

New Game – Chapter 5


A world of slaves - Part 5 It looked like the guards didn’t want to get involved with the wagon’s owner, who was the head of an organization of slave merchants called Valeria.1 Some of its members showed up as soon as the guards contacted their organization, but they didn’t look like friendly people. More than merchants, they resembled street thugs. When they confirmed the corpses of their former [...]

New Game – Chapter 4


A world of slaves - Part 4 Let’s introduce Listina, the capital. Richtert Castle was visible over Listina’s roofs, and the town’s structure is divided into upper, middle and lower part. Both the fortress and the town were surrounded by high walls. A huge lake was located south from the capital, a rocky mountain range spreaded north, and plains stretched out as far as the eye could see from [...]

New Game – Chapter 3


A world of slaves - Part 3 The evening breeze blew the stench of blood into the wagon. The men’s victory roars could be heard outside. The bandits ripped the cloth that served as a curtain and popped their head in the wagon. “Eheh… long time no see, brats.” The children remembered well the face of the man who just talked. A big man with a vicious smile. The [...]

New Game – Chapter 2


A world of slaves - Part 2 Several days later, another couple of slave merchants bought the children. They put shackles on everyone and made them get on a covered wagon. The cell where they stayed until now was small, but they tried to spend time peacefully. Lilia taught them mathematic and how to write and read. They teased Killfer due to his diligence and tried to split the [...]

New Game – Chapter 1


A world of slaves - Part 1 He felt like he was being squeezed. When his eyes opened, he found himself in a small, damp room, surrounded by complete darkness. He thought he had successfully transferred from where he was a moment before and reincarnated successfully. Those present were no older than kids. He counted roughly ten of them. They sat helplessly on the floor, some shivering as they [...]

New Game – Introduction


The regreat of a man who had felt none The regret still lingering within this man granted him to reincarnate from his former world to a different one. For being reborn, he could wish for one thing. Proficiency with swords, mastery of magic or any other power. All of them are to cleanse his tainted feelings. Some don’t seek for special abilities. Some would ask for leisurely lives devoid [...]