Please, understand that the name ‘Dick’ can be used as a nickname for ‘Richard’. Oxford dictionary confirms it. 

  • Cody Blancneige – Holy sword of light (general of the Albein’s army)
  • Mylarka Iris – Sweet disaster
  • Yuma (Yuphila Manafroze) – Voiceless requiem
  • Aileen Superia – Charming goddess of wrath
  • Dick Silver (Guy – Forgotten)
  • Elsain Verlaine (Demon Lord)
  • Princess Manarina Lyra Albein
  • Jean Vinceburg (Prince of Vinceburg)
  • Timis (Manarina’s “sister in law”)
  • Lia (Timis’s werebeast guard)
  • McKinley (Timis’s human guard)
  • Leeza (member of Silver Aquarius intelligence department)
  • Joyce Veltem (supplier of food and beverages)
  • Grenadine Manafroze (Yuma’s father)
  • Fenna (Yuma’s mother)
  • Beatrice Stollen (mansion’s former owner)
  • Zevias Vinceburg (father of Jean)
  • Kirsch Auguste (Zevias’s servant)
  • Shura (dragon master)
  • Riko (of the tiger-race)
  • Ludo (a tiger-race guy)
  • Lang (Vinceburg’s underling)
  • Leon (Cody’s brother)
  • Marlo (vice-general of Albein’s army)
  • Charlotte (Mylarka’s fairy bird)
  • Glance Bardot (executioner from Purple Scorpio)
  • Pollon (Magic Academy’s receptionist)
  • Rigel (Lia and McKinley’s team leader)
  • Zect Crucifer (Shadow chaser)
  • Joyce Weltem (dick’s merchant friend)
  • Sakuya (dick’s ravirim guild member)
  • Gustav Wolfgang (guy found in Garamdoor’s headquarter)
  • Mizuha Crucifer (ice fox)
  • Sherion Heartis (Red Gemini’s Guild Master)
  • Leonid Ballanche (Black Leo’s Guild Master)
  • Charlotte Heartis (Sherion’s sister)
  • Clave Garland (White Capricorn’s SS rank adventurer)


  • Grangalm (world)
  • Exrea (continent)
  • Kingdom of Albein
  • Alvinas (capital)
  • Vinceburg
  • Magic academy
  • Belfon Forest (forest east of the capital)
  • Volcanic region
  • Church District
  • Chapel & orphanage (Yuma’s)
  • Silver Aquarius’ dormitory (c. 12)
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Elsain (demonic region)
  • Velvechia
  • Southern country’s woodland (c.24)
  • Water cave (c.36)
  • Garamdoor’s headquarters (c.38)
  • Cardila store (c.42)


  • Silver Aquarius (MC’s guild)
  • White Capricorn (7th guild)
  • Purple Scorpio (5th road’s guild)
  • Blue Sagittarius (11th road’s guild)
  • Black Leo
  • Red Gemini (11th road’s guild)
  • Green Cancer (5th road’s guild)


  • Chapters with illustrations: prologue 1, 1, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 24, 29, 32, 39, 44, 45, 47, 53, 54, 55, 56,
  • Divine liquor
  • Fairy Bird
  • Royal Crest
  • Sometimes Aileen pronounces some words in the Fukushima’s dialect (ひゃっこいっ instead of 冷たい, for example).
  • Heaven must be capitalized each time Yuma (and people that share her same doctrine) says it.
  • Vinceburg (one of the three major noble families of Albein)
  • Orlanz (^ same – chapter 16)
  • Stollen (^ same – chapter 16)
  • Talisman of the Holy Church of Albein
  • Spirit blade Laguna (c.30)
  • Lord of the Fire Spirit (c.34)
  • Blue fox tribe & Ice Fox (c.37)
  • Ice nymphs (c.39)
  • Forsaken legacy (c.55)


  • Annihilation Magic
  • Support Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Seitai Magic
  • Summon Magic
  • Concealing Magic
  • Light Magic
  • Spirit Magic
  • Divine Magic
  • Space Expanding Magic
  • Transfer Magic
  • Wind Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Sabotage Magic
  • Aroma


  • Small Spirit (c.11)
  • Healing light – Regeneration (c.15)
  • Wide area annihilation n°152 – Earth rending field (c. 24)
  • Restricted area annihilation n°66 – Disintegration field (c.25)
  • Spirit Blade (c.26)
  • Carnage phantom fist (c.28)
  • Rending lightning (c.28)
  • Star collider rakshasa (c.28)
  • Light Blade – Horizon Bullet (c.30)
  • Spirit Rising (c.31)
  • Spirit Reduce (c.31)
  • Shoot Rising (c.31)
  • Illusion (c.38)
  • Hazy mist (c.38)
  • Shadow bind (c.39)
  • Superia hand-to-hand style’s secret technique—Olympus-rending kick (c.39)
  • Mind cure (c.46)
  • Hiding (c.47)
  • Mute (c.47)
  • Fireball (c.47)
  • Protect prison (c.47)
  • Silence rune (c.47)
  • Sonic blade (c.47)
  • Protect prison double (c.47)
  • Spirit release – Limit burst (c.47)
  • Spirit limit holder (c.48)
  • Randomizing scissors (c.48)
  • Elemental frame (c.48)
  • Spirit blade – Attack rise (c.48)
  • Storm tempest (c.48)
  • Spirit Edge (c.48)
  • Whip bind (c.48)
  • Flash veil (c.51)
  • Magic sword—Harmonics (c.51)

DRINKS AND INGREDIENTS (I keep forgetting these)

  • Kumis (c.2)
  • Millennial peach (c.2)
  • Ale (c.5)
  • Evening primrose (c.6)
  • Royal papaya juice (c.6)
  • Perpetual crystallized frost (c.6)
  • Syrup & cherry-flavored alcohol blended with cream (c.6)
  • Spirit booze (c.6)
  • Behemoth milk (c.8)
  • Rum (c.8)
  • Concealing pomegranate syrup(c.8)
  • Salamander kotsuzake (c.8)
  • Maple cookies (c.8)
  • Roasted walnuts (c.8)
  • Cloud sheep cheese (c.12)
  • Drops of serenity (c.12)
  • Sacred pear juice blended with spring water (c.13)
  • Roasted wisdom beans (c.13)
  • Ripple reef leaf tea (c.14)
  • Rum aged ten years with Pure ice (c.21)
  • Favor apricot and Virgin coconut (c.21)
  • Favor apricot mixed with carbonated water (c.22)
  • Juice of “mysterious grape” (c.24)
  • Maple cookies made with “wisdom bean powder” (c.24)
  • Fire beer, a drink from dwarves (c.29)
  • Rainbow drops (brandy, liqueur or fruit juice + a drop of a special liquid.) (c.33)
  • Refreshing lemonade (c.37)
  • Perennial ice (c.39)
  • Coconobi fruit (c.42)
  • Carrot liquor blended with citrus juice (c.42)
  • Coconobi shake (c.43)
  • Coconobi rum (c.43)


Characters’ gender declinations should remain adeherent to what they want to be called, and not their gender. Meaning that if a boy talks in a feminine way and everyone refers of him as a girl, he must be considered and declined as a girl. This doesn’t apply anymore from the moment that it’s expressly specified the gender change.

Kinds of magic start with capitalized letter: Annihilation Magic, Support Magic, Fire Magic, Healing Magic, Defensive Magic.

Spells’ names start with capitalized letter: Healing Light.

Races’s names start with lower case letter: human, dark elf.

Only the first word of titles starts with capitalized letter: Miracle children, Voiceless requiem, Charming goddess of wrath.
Exceptions: His Majesty, Your Grace, Guild Master and important titles that need to be capitalized.

Names of roads, villages, cities and nations start with capitalized letter: Twelfth Imperial Street (12th Street), Grangalm, Kingdom of Albein.

Characters’ “thoughts” are written in italics.
But we also use italics to emphasize keywords.

(This guide will be updated each time a place, name, spell or whatever will appear in the story)

Last edit: 07/10/2020