Project Description

A new home

“Goodbye, my dear house. I won’t forget the days we spent together!”

Raiz raised a shout of grief after looking at the dried pieces of lumber that once were his house.

“Even though it was brief. Hahaha!”

“It was so lively and now it’s so empty!”

Unicorn was the only one who was happy.

In front of them was the hut where they lived until not long ago.
When they went to retrieve the midwife, the storm’s wind became too much for the building to handle.
Treants tried to defend it, but their size wasn’t even close to Dragon’s, so nothing could be done.
When Raiz had to force the door open to enter, he realized that he couldn’t live in there anymore.
Trying to escape reality, he was celebrating a funeral for his wrecked house.

“Master, it would be better if you snapped out of it.”

Dragon was shocked at his master’s behavior.

“It’s gone now. We must rebuild it.”

Broken things couldn’t return to their original form.
He was right, and Raiz already knew it.
His house was now gone, and there was nothing he could do.
Building a new one was the best solution.
Still, he couldn’t bring himself to move on and looked at Dragon with the new saddles on his back.

They were custom-made articles.
A total of fifteen people could ride the beast, and both their luggage carrier and seats were created to be wind resistant.
But the materials needed were high-class and difficult to find. They were so expensive that only rich people could afford them.
Raiz thought that it was a necessary investment at first, but was instead a trap set by the craftsmen and merchants to swindle business novice like him.
He wanted to create a transportation service for people, but was oblivious about it, so he ended up buying unnecessary things and the cost unexpectedly grew too much.

The merchants told him they would give him a discount since it was his first time, and it apparently was a real deal, but he was naive nonetheless.
They were the first to pay attention to Raiz’s service and predicted that he would earn quite some money from it, so they acted in order to keep his business go, setting everything up.
They have been paying attention to Raiz’s business for some time, and they had already predicted that he would earn a lot of money, so they wanted to be sure that it wouldn’t close down.
Their first scam was the insane costs for the products, taking advantage of Raiz’s negligence.

He only wanted to buy the right articles to offer his help to people, but a real merchant knows what the client wants and sells them the best article.
That’s why Raiz’s money was running out.

“What should we do now that I lost my house and our guild’s office…?”

Fallen on his knees, he looked desperate, like he was surrendering to fate.
To be frank, he mismanaged his money.

“What about going to the carpenter and contract with him? I’m sure that Dragon will surely cover for our new house’s fee.”

“Yeah… you’re right.”

Raiz accepted Lamia’s realistic proposal and got up on his feet.

“Sure thing! Feel free to pay me whenever you have enough money! I’ll start the preparations as soon as I can!”

“What?! Are you serious?!”

Raiz was taken aback by the carpenter’s goodwill.

“No need to be that surprised, man. Even we know how much your dragon’s saddles cost. Also, it’s only thanks to you guys if my son’s wife could give birth to my grandchild. Let me thank you in my way!”

He didn’t make that decision out of pity. He simply wanted to return the favor and reassured Raiz that he wasn’t in a hurry to be paid for the job.
He trusted the tamer would keep his word.

“I’ll go draw the blueprint, so tell me what you want in your new house!”

While Raiz was arranging everything for the construction of his new house, a new problem was approaching Dekuch.

“We found you, Dragon Express.”

“He is the only one who could use a dragon like that.”

Hoods hid the face of what seemed to be a man and a woman.

“Raiz Tamer, the Lord of the thousand beasts is here!”

A new storm was about to swallow the tamer.

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