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The three heroes’ vacation and the masked butler

After we closed the bar, I explained the plan to Mylarka and Aileen.
Or rather, I asked them to find a way to make Yuma relax in our new mansion.

“Is there something strange about that place? Bringing there Yuma is…”
“Gotcha. A ghost or something, right?”
“Nice guess, girls. Master hasn’t even mentioned that.”

Verlaine was using her Demon Lord tone, but the others were already used to it.
They knew that her true-self wasn’t really fitting to be a maid.

“I understand the plan, but… why don’t you spend a night there before us?”
“Because it would be meaningless. We have to make her vent.”
“Wait a minute. Why would this make her feel better?”
“Well, Yuma always says that she wants to comfort souls, remember? I’m sure it’s because there’s something she can exorcise in that mansion.”

Mylarka, the genius professor, saw through my plan flawlessly.
If we were to stay in there alone, it might have looked suspicious, and facing her parents would have also become awkward.

“Oh, so she will use her powers? Then some wandering soul is really residing in there! Woah, that’s super thrilling!”
“Aileen, you’re strong, but you can’t handle that kind of stuff, don’t you?”
“What about you, Mylarka? Won’t you panic and destroy the mansion?”
“I can’t handle surprising events, so don’t try to scare me, please. Still, if something like that happens, I’ll try to stop before damaging something… what are you laughing at, Dick?”
“Nothing, I was just remembering that time we crossed a cave filled with undead. When that wraith came out from the ground…”
“N-No… stop it. Its touch was cold and disgusting, and it was stealing my life energy, wasn’t it?”

Wraiths were mid-rank monsters even among undead, but thanks to their spirit body, they could pass through ground and walls.
When it appeared from beneath Mylarka’s feet, she started screaming and hugged me. Aileen wasn’t afraid in the slightest and even said that it was cool and pleasant to touch, but Sweet disaster was quite scared.

Asking her to spend some time in a haunted house made me feel guilty.

“My Master doesn’t seem to approve his own presence in a girls-only vacation.”
“I… can’t believe this guy. Don’t wash your hands of this problem. Your refusal is only making my inner conflict worsen…”
“Also, if we don’t have Dick around, eating something edible will be pretty hard.”
“I’m not your cook… Okay, let me be clearer. I want to help Yuma venting her stress, but I don’t want her to find me out.”
“You don’t need to do that. Just come with us.”

Mylarka opposed me bluntly.
How could the topic change from what they should have done to my being there…?

“How about using a disguise? I’m sure that Master can change at least his voice.”
“Oh, can he do that? Good, but don’t try to deceive Yuma.”

Insisted the blond girl.
If I tried to use a light insect, they would have connected the dots and found me out. Couldn’t this remain a secret between us?

“Mylarka, do you know why he’s so fixed on not being found out?”
“Because he can’t handle praises. It’s not like he doesn’t want to be the center of attention, it’s just that he is affected by the don’t-praise-me syndrome.”
“I was thinking about a proper way to express Master’s personality, but that is quite good.”
“Thing is that he’s happy when people praise him. Isn’t he adorable?”
“So adorable that one can’t help but to love him. He doesn’t want to do me, though.”
“Gh… W-What do you mean with that, Verlaine? How most adults spoil each other?”

I wanted to ask them to leave at once since the bar was closed, but I drowned my frustration in alcohol and listened to that torture from the corner. I wasn’t planning to exaggerate, but if I stopped drinking for a second, I would have felt even worse.


Several days later, Yuma accepted to take a vacation, and I urged Mylarka and Aileen to pick her up.

Me and some guild members went to the mansion in the morning to prepare a proper welcome for our guests, but as soon as we entered, we all noticed that something was off.

“Master, no one set foot in this house for weeks, right? Has the estate agent sent someone to clean it?”

Asked a young man who noticed the thorough cleanness of the mansion. Other two girls were with us.

“I haven’t heard anything about a cleaning guy or someone who stepped in here recently.”
“It seems that this place has an interesting history, and I guessed the estate agents cheated quite a lot of people… Do you want to investigate it…?”
“Don’t jump to conclusions. Even though this should be a haunted house, I can’t feel any other presence other than us.”

I went to check the dining room and the kitchen, but nothing looked out of place.
The store room had some usable ingredients… I tried to examine them better, but they were perfectly normal and well preserved. Still, if they were things left by the previous owner, I didn’t really feel like eating them.

“Ghosts can appear anytime, but it’s more likely to see them at night. Oh, Master, I’ve finished checking the rooms!”
“Great, well done. I thought there was a bit more to do, sorry for asking you to come. You can go back to your work.”
“Don’t mention it! It was a long time since we could talk like this, so I’m glad I could come! Thank you very much!”
“Thank you very much!”

Said my assistants in unison.
Even though we were about the same age, they were all members I recruited and coached, so every time we saw again like that, we treated each other like the old days.

They were the B-ranked guys I trained for the expedition after the dragon that assaulted Belfon Forest a few years ago. They now were A-ranked adventurers and formed an independent party that carried my requests out when necessary.
Just by completing them, my guild members could earn a good amount of money.
Business is a variable, so they often traded it with precious stones to store in a bank. Since their value couldn’t drop easily, when there were few requests and prices rose, it was possible to use them as a substitute.

I’ve already estimated that the country’s economy would have remained stable for another ten years, so everything was fine as long as a war didn’t break out.


Mylarka, Aileen and Yuma arrived in the evening.
I wore a butler suit and waited for the three of them in front of the mansion, and when we were face to face…

“What’s with that mask? Are you serious?”
“Lady Mylarka, I am not allowed to show you my real face, but please, do not think too much of it.”

To disguise myself, I chose to hide my face, dress up properly and change my voice. Given that this mansion looked quite luxurious, it wouldn’t have been strange for a butler to be around.

“Wow, so cool! Di… I mean, take care of us, Mister Butler. Have you prepared enough delicious booze for us?”
“Absolutely. I also have prepared some other drinks for those who might not enjoy alcohol like you, Miss.”
“That is a relief to hear. I cannot drink alcoholic beverages due to my doctrine. I can only consume it when used for seasoning food.”

The three girls were wearing casual clothes.
Yuma always wore her priestess attire, so seeing her like that was refreshing.
I tried to make my voice and speech pattern sound like an experienced butler, but I wondered if she would have recognized me…

“You are in charge of managing this mansion, are you not? It is a pleasure to be in your care.”
“The pleasure is all mine, my Lady. My name is Sebas Dian.”
“Sebas Dian? I am Yuphila Manafroze.”

Aileen seemed like she wanted to say something, but I pretended not to see her.
Meanwhile, Mylarka was glaring daggers at me, but now that we introduced ourselves, I had to keep my butler-like facade.

“Thank you for booking your vacation along with Lady Mylarka.”
“Yeah, treat us well. Yuphila, this man really knows how to be hospitable, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask him.”
“Woah, really?! Then I’d love a massage on my shoulders and legs later. Asking a stranger for one is embarrassing, but I guess there’s no need to hold back here! I totally want to feel anew~”

Aileen didn’t say that with a double meaning, but even though I was disguising as a butler, I was still a man. Could I really accept the bliss of massaging a girl?

“…If Aileen wants one, I guess I’ll try too. I’m sure our butler won’t try to touch any strange place, am I right?”
“I would never dare to make you feel unpleasant. I swear it on the God of Albein.”
“I know someone really close to our God. He always watches over us with endless gentleness.”

Yuma united her hands and brought them to her chest, exactly like when she prayed, and with that simple gesture I felt the air around us lighten as the maliciousness thinned.
I confirmed that this place was really haunted.

“I feel a soul that is quelling… Remnants of a malevolent will… It is faint, but… No…”
“Yuma, are you okay? Tell me if there’s something off.”

Mylarka said to her, causing Yuma to smile tenderly.

“It is nothing worrying, but I feel a harmless spirit loitering around here. It should be quelled and guided to Heaven.”

…As expected from her. I couldn’t feel any trace of ghosts, but she instantly confirmed that there was something in the mansion. A few moments ago, she even said ‘remnants of a malevolent will,’ so there wasn’t only a harmless spirit.

“Might I show you the mansion first? You can then relax and rest until dinnertime.”

I bowed respectfully, and then opened the door. When they stepped into the wide entrance, they rose their voices.

“Woah, it’s huge! If my family saw this, they would have compared it to the Ancient Caves!” Aileen was thrilled.
“I heard that the demon tribe uses that figure of speech. I think this is even bigger than mine…”
“I love attics. Could I stay in there?”

Asked Yuma, who liked attics and cellars because spirits tended to appear in those kinds of places. I tried to check them before, but I hadn’t found anything.
Still, she could probably find something.

“This mansion has an attic as well, but I strongly suggest the three of you share the same room for tonight.”
“I see… Then might I look around later?”
“Certainly, feel free to explore as much as you want. There is also a room filled with various artworks.”

It was the second room on the second floor. The artworks were probably left behind by the precedent owners, and now I could understand why they fled in a hurry.

“Yuma, you look a bit better now, but don’t overwork yourself, okay?”
“Yes. Do not worry, Mylarka.”
“Let’s visit the mansion with Sebas. What about we take a bath together later? We’re on a vacation, after all.”
“Gh… Err… I-I am still… kind of… under…”
“Don’t worry, you’re still fourteen, Yuma. Back then, I also was…”

Two years before, Mylarka wasn’t any worse than the actual Yuma.
Still, everyone has its own growth period. I believe it isn’t something people should worry about.

“…I forgot you were here. Sebas, forget what you just heard.”
“Right away, Lady Mylarka.”
“Yuma, don’t worry about that and let’s go together! It’s been a long time, so why don’t we enjoy these moments?”
“I-I guess… you are right. Thanks for the invite.”

The three of them in the same bathroom, huh? Given its size, that wouldn’t be a problem. Also, I was a butler. Staying under the same roof of three girls who were bathing together wasn’t something that could have swayed me.
What I longed for was to perform the ultimate accommodating service.


After I finished to see them around, I tried to go prepare dinner, but…

“Sebas, where are you going? Have you forgot about Aileen’s request?”
“Kh… I-I have not. Forgive for my rudeness, Lady.”

The guestroom was divided into bedroom and lounge. In the latter were a table and some chairs. I gave Aileen and Mylarka some wonderful snacks with ‘ripple reef leaf tea,’ and Yuma some of the sacred pear juice blended with spring water that I also gave to her parents.

“Okay… I’ll be in your care, Sebas.”

Aileen relaxed her body.
It was time to start.

Thinking about it, I gave them a massage even during our expedition, when we spent the night at an inn and they were dead tired. While I was wondering if they also remembered that, I placed my hands on her shoulders and started to press.

“…Aileen, you are moaning.”
“Oh, a-am I? Sorry, I mean… D-Di… Sebas… Nah…”

When I heard the first letters of my name, blood froze in my veins. It was too risky to let her go now, so I dedicated my soul and body into that performance.
I had to make her relax until dinnertime.

“I’m ashamed to ask, but performing this massage would be much easier if you lay on your face, my Lady.”
“I-I see… Then I’ll leave my drink here.”
“W-Well… Sebas is a real butler, he won’t do anything funny…”
“I would never do something like that. I swear it on Albein’s God.”

Mylarka said ‘he won’t do anything funny’ with particular emphasis.
I guessed it was a threat.

While I replied that nothing would have happened, I invited the strongest martial artist of the capital in the bedroom. It’s true that a masked man was suspicious, but taking that aside, I wasn’t really fishy.

“I-I… as a priestess, I cannot let a man touch me… M-My heart is still not…”
“Yuma, don’t worry! Sebas is…”
“Please, Aileen, just go already. Sebas has also to prepare our dinner later.”

I restrained myself from saying “Then let me go now!” and entered the bedroom.
I renewed my resolve in front of the girl who was lying sprawled on her face.

If some ghosts were to appear at night, it wasn’t bad to make them relax now. To lull them to sleep, I had to turn myself into an innocent massage expert.

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