Guild Master – Chapter 16


The former owner and the saint's revival The wavy-haired girl looked at me with her heterochromatic eyes. I could see them clearly even in the dusk's light: one was golden, the other was blue. Only spirits were supposed to have golden eyes. “This mansion was once yours...? How many years ago are we talking about?” “About ten years ago. Have you ever heard of the Stollen family?” The Kingdom [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 16


TL note: Actually, Arachne captured only one person. We already fixed it. My apologies. Those who hide in the forest Raiz had two kinds of subordinates. The first one was composed of monster with sheer strength as their main characteristic. Dragon, Lamia, Treant and Dryad belonged to this group, along with other. Their abilities shone on the battlefield, and they were recognized as a valuable fighting force. What about [...]

New Game – Chapter 13


Major companies - Part 2 Mirta's victory party lasted until the next day. The slums' residents were so excited it was like they were still celebrating the Harvest Festival, and since this wasn't an official festival, everyone was a little more carefree. Lots of fights, some even involving Valeria's members, broke out. The merchants kept bringing food and drinks in a hurry, maybe because they were also carried by [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 15


Massages and the girl of the attic I was the fifth member of the expedition issued to exterminate the Demon Lord. As I watched over my comrades, I had to face quite the number of problems. One of them was that even though I was accompanying probably the most powerful people in the world, their young bodies couldn’t withstand the harsh journey, so we had to take some breaks [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 15


Need a hero It happened a month before. An expensive rug was spread on the floor, and affixed on the walls were metal armours, swords, and shields. On the other side, huge paintings and various decorations coloured the room. Dozens of money bags wouldn’t have been nearly enough to buy all of that. The one who owned all of that sat on a chair, as to look down at people [...]

New Game – Chapter 12


Major companies - Part 1 The large room was filled with a dim light. The walls were impossible to see, but the few visible objects looked quite valuable, included the ground. At its center stood a single man. His face was as pale as a ghost’s, and trickles of sweat were running down his body. There wasn’t a trace of his usual obnoxious expression. “Good grief… I had some [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 14


The three heroes' vacation and the masked butler After we closed the bar, I explained the plan to Mylarka and Aileen. Or rather, I asked them to find a way to make Yuma relax in our new mansion. “Is there something strange about that place? Bringing there Yuma is…” “Gotcha. A ghost or something, right?” “Nice guess, girls. Master hasn’t even mentioned that.” Verlaine was using her Demon Lord [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 14


Two options “Raiz, someone is going after you.” Stated Merck, his former comrade, and the next moment Arachne brought the suspicious guy she had just caught. “He looks like a civilian, but has calluses on his hands. He probably has combat experience.” Added Merck after examining the man. They decided to move the body beyond the hill so that the carpenters couldn’t see it. “Can’t he be a farmer [...]

New Game – Chapter 11


Leader - Part 2 The next day, the main street square was filled with a huge crowd that counted every member of Valeria, a hundred and twelve in total. On their faces there wasn’t a trace of the happy mood of the festival or the fatigue it should have left on them. The slums witnessed a similar scene only once before. The funeral of Valeria’s founder and leader, Vatel [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 13


The haunted mansion and the married couple After I left the temple, I headed north. My destination was a high ground where several mansions owned by nobles were built. That place offered a great view of the capital that spread further below. According to Leeza’s words, one of them was haunted. It was surrounded by high walls, but aside its old age, it wasn’t run-down. The first floor had [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 13


Call from an old place “I-It’s been a while, Raiz.” The girl’s face flushed all of a sudden. “Yeah.” She was fidgeting awkwardly, so he greeted her with a friendly tone. “Hey mister, do you know those ladies?” “Ladies?!” The carpenters asked Raiz about its relationship with the newcomers. Merck was shocked about being addressed as a girl, but it wasn’t the first time, given the delicate features of [...]

New Game – Chapter 10


Leader - Part 1 While the sound of people having fun could still be heard from outside, the entire room fell silent. Geiz rested his massive body on the sofa. On the other side were Mirta and Takumi, with Karin, Kunon, and Jill behind them. “So… what is it that you want to talk about?” It was obvious that Mirta was anxious. The man glanced at Takumi and clicked [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 12


News and the young priestess Silver mug’s members specialized in gathering information. They listened carefully to every rumor in the city and then reported everything to me. Each of the twelve adventurer guilds had some sort of intelligence department, except for the top guild White Capricorn. They didn’t place much weight on information gathering. A guild could be manageable even by simply accepting requests, after all. Still, you have [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 12


Let's build a house Bam, bam, bam! The sound of hammering echoed in the air. Raiz and his comrades were working at the construction site where the new Monsters’ Delivery’s base would be built. Since their former office was destroyed by the storm, they needed a new one. The carpenter did him a favor regarding the payment time, but Raiz was both grateful and sorry at the same time. [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 11


TL note: the lap scene is changed in the light novel. The Demon Lord's lap and the royal sisters My head was lying on something soft. Someone was caressing me like they were combing my hair with a gentle touch. It was so pleasant that I wanted to fall asleep again, but I had to resist. “…I knew that you were going to lay your hands on me while [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 11


A new home “Goodbye, my dear house. I won’t forget the days we spent together!” Raiz raised a shout of grief after looking at the dried pieces of lumber that once were his house. “Even though it was brief. Hahaha!” “It was so lively and now it’s so empty!” Unicorn was the only one who was happy. In front of them was the hut where they lived until not [...]

New Game – Chapter 9


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 4 Twilight dyed the sky red. Takumi and his comrades got back to Valeria to report the situation. “Thank you… Thank you so much!” Were the first words that Mirta told them as she bowed. “No problem. Everything proceeded smoothly, after all.” “This is bad, though. Now we have to rethink about a lot of stuff.” Commented Karin. She was writing restlessly on [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 10


The dragon's fury and the light insect Duke Solver’s first book, ‘Dragon slaying for dummies.’ The assault’s plan was explained accurately in the second chapter. First, the dragon won’t pay much attention to its surroundings when it's drinking. Fire dragons have a sharp sight, but their field of vision isn’t wide, so they can’t see enemies approaching from their side or back. They won’t notice you until they are [...]

New Game – Chapter 8


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 3 ‘Workers Street’ was the boundary that divided the middle part of Listina from the lower one. Since the latter had some criminality issues and people didn’t want to step into that dangerous zone, that street was created. It was also the middle part’s last safety zone, or so it was said. Given the bad temperament of craftsmen, quarrels and fights were a [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 9


Rune and the operation's start Three days passed since we accepted Timis’s request. Verlaine explained the plan in detail and brought a map and some chess pieces on the table to simulate it. “This looks like… a board game.” “It’s more like a reproduction of the battle. I carved in my mind how the fire dragon will move, but I don’t know if we will be able to…” McKinley [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 10


Dragon's back Dark clouds covered Dekuch’s sky. Before rainfall, people were getting home in a hurry. “It’s going to rain.” Whispered Raiz, as Unicorn healed the back pain of elders. “You’re right. Tonight might get stormy.” Commented his subordinate, while the people who were getting healed looked up at the sky, worried about the changing weather rather than happy for the treatment. “That would be bad.” Raiz wore a [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 9


Dragon's anguish Dragon sighed deeply. He had yet to receive his first job, but as the strongest monster, he couldn’t express his distress over something so trivial. Dragons were prideful beasts, after all. “Hey, Dragon!” Then, someone called him. “Master. How can I help you?” Hiding his anxiety, he firmly faced Raiz. “Lately you don’t look good. Is there something wrong?” But the tamer saw through his facade, and [...]

New Game – Chapter 7


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 2 We can’t say that the slums’ public order was handled greatly. There were some rude workers with stubborn dispositions that helped maintaining peace in their streets, but the slums were poor and filled with outcasts and people of that kind. Fights were an everyday occurrence and so was every sort of crime. Also, children filled the streets as beggars and tried to [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 8


The fire dragon's ecology and the subjugation plan The relationship between Timis, Lia and McKinley wasn’t anything special. Lia was hired as Timis’s guard three years before, and McKinley was chosen for this expedition from Lia’s former mercenary guild. A mercenary guild was different from an adventurer guild, starting from their role in case war broke out. Although the country rarely requested cooperation from the adventurers, mercenaries would be [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 8


Dragon, the strongest monster The day started early for Raiz, the manager of the Monsters’ Delivery, and a few of his subordinates. Some fought to get the privilege of waking up their master, some couldn’t stand the cold and waited until their body was warm enough, and some laid an egg. Between those monsters, one in particular was flying to get his food. A shadow cast from above covered [...]

New Game – Chapter 6


The Soft-hearted slave merchant - Part 1 Seven years went by. It might seem a very long time, but things didn’t really change. At least, Listina’s conditions remained the same. Thanks to the massive amount of clean water the Verne Lake’s provided, there weren’t any periods of drought, and shipping channels became the main means of transport of the capital as they intertwined in the streets. That’s the reason [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 7


The young knight and her knights After the last round of drinks, I made the waitresses tell the customers that we were closing for today. Verlaine came back in the kitchen and gave me Cody’s mug… but behind her, the three girls were still sitting at the counter with their glasses. “Hey, Dick, don’tcha care about girls~? Do you see me only as a friend~?” “I’m seriously thinking about [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 7


Treant's sap “We need some arboreal monster’s sap or nectar to fix this issue.” “The sap or nectar?” “Arboreal monsters are more resilient than normal plants. This resistance can be used to fight diseases.” “I’m strooong.” Said proudly Treant. “Can you give me some?” Treant nodded. “We can provide the sick wheat with that resistance. It would be like using medicine for plants.” “Then do it right away, I [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 6


Last order and happy birthday “I can make Timis succeed, just let me get in touch with her. If your subordinates don’t want to die, tell them that the guild on the 12th Street will lend them its power. The rest will be up to her.” “Thank you. Anyone would have refused my request, but you…” “I also would have turned it down if it was impossible. I don’t have [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 5


The hero with the Holy sword The Silver Aquarius’s bar was always packed with people at night. Or rather, since it didn’t have many seats, when the capacity was exceeded, we concealed the sign at the front door so that no one was interested in entering. A queue outside the door would draw too much attention. After all, our guild served as a gathering place for allied guilds and [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 6


Dryad and the wheat field “Is agriculture the main source of food of the city?” A wheat field extended in front of Raiz and his subordinates. “Why have they planted everything so close to the others? They should leave more space between plants.” Dryad, who didn’t have any notion of farming, tilted her head. “Yeeeah, you’re riiight.” Treant also looked baffled as he observed the field. “Hey, are you [...]

New Game – Chapter 5


A world of slaves - Part 5 It looked like the guards didn’t want to get involved with the wagon’s owner, who was the head of an organization of slave merchants called Valeria.1 Some of its members showed up as soon as the guards contacted their organization, but they didn’t look like friendly people. More than merchants, they resembled street thugs. When they confirmed the corpses of their former [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 4


Elucidation and the truth about the Princess “Mylarka, why are you so agitated?” The Princess showed a puzzled expression as she took off her hood, and Mylarka sighed deeply before answering. “I saw your battle with that prince. Normally, it would have been really hard for you to win… Or rather, it would have been impossible, given the gap between your scores. Still, your strength increased dramatically in a [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 5


Morning duty “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Sang a cockatrice at the crack of dawn, waking up the other monsters in the ranch. Some immediately got up and started their daily routine right away, while others sluggishly opened their eyes and remained half-asleep until the sun woke them up. Each monster has its own habits. But even among them, one was particularly early. “And today too, I’ll wake up Lord Raiz~ ♪ ” [...]

New Game – Chapter 4


A world of slaves - Part 4 Let’s introduce Listina, the capital. Richtert Castle was visible over Listina’s roofs, and the town’s structure is divided into upper, middle and lower part. Both the fortress and the town were surrounded by high walls. A huge lake was located south from the capital, a rocky mountain range spreaded north, and plains stretched out as far as the eye could see from [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 3


The first Princess and Sweet disaster I told the Demon Lord to give the Royal Crest back to the Princess before she left, so that it could become our reward if our plan was to succeed. In exchange, the Princess had to pay us the insignificant fee of ten gold coins. I could pay three months of maintenance for my guild with them, but that’s fine. Money makes the [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 4


Let's start “How boring.” It was already a week since the grand opening of their guild. Raiz kept waiting for customers to show up, but no one ever did. “Why?! I promoted this place just fine! I even demonstrated that lamias and unicorns are both harmless!” He brought with him the most beautiful and kind monsters he had, but there was a problem. A single, enormous problem he wasn’t aware of. [...]

New Game – Chapter 3


A world of slaves - Part 3 The evening breeze blew the stench of blood into the wagon. The men’s victory roars could be heard outside. The bandits ripped the cloth that served as a curtain and popped their head in the wagon. “Eheh… long time no see, brats.” The children remembered well the face of the man who just talked. A big man with a vicious smile. The [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 2


Cold milk and kumis blended with millennial peach juice1 I glanced at the sleeves of the girl’s overcoat, a garment only a high-class person could afford… Seeing that, it became clear what kind of blood flowed in her veins. She probably never wore cheap clothes. She must have caused quite the commotion just to come here. I gave the Demon Lord the order ticket. On it, I actually wrote [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 3


Let's live in this city! “Actually, I’ve come to ask for an available place that can be managed by me for my monsters.” “A place… you say?” Honestly, Trow sounded skeptical about what Raiz planned to do with his monsters. It was obvious, since he came to the city along with a dragon. “As you know, the war with the neighboring country is over.” Raiz started to calmly explain, in order [...]

New Game – Chapter 2


A world of slaves - Part 2 Several days later, another couple of slave merchants bought the children. They put shackles on everyone and made them get on a covered wagon. The cell where they stayed until now was small, but they tried to spend time peacefully. Lilia taught them mathematic and how to write and read. They teased Killfer due to his diligence and tried to split the [...]

Guild Master – Chapter 1


The beautiful girl and the drunkard The Kingdom of Albein is located in the north side of the continent of Exrea and it boasts two thousand years of history. Fifty thousands out of ten million inhabitants were citizens of Alvinas, the Kingdom’s capital. The nobles, who live under the King, were several hundred, even more if one counted their families. Cody, who became the army’s general, had the same [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 2


Toward the city “Monsters are attacking!” The lookout’s voice echoed from the walls of Dekuch. Soldiers hurried over, immediately shut the gates and prepared their bows. “Where are they?!” No matter where they looked, not a single monster could be found. “Up there! In the sky!” Then, a huge shadow blackened the sky. A cloud passing by? But when they looked at the sky, their hopes were brutally betrayed. [...]

New Game – Chapter 1


A world of slaves - Part 1 He felt like he was being squeezed. When his eyes opened, he found himself in a small, damp room, surrounded by complete darkness. He thought he had successfully transferred from where he was a moment before and reincarnated successfully. Those present were no older than kids. He counted roughly ten of them. They sat helplessly on the floor, some shivering as they [...]

Guild Master – Prologue 2


Their respective rewards After we defeated the Demon Lord and took the talisman with us, the King rewarded us. Cody asked for the title of general of the Albein’s army. Mylarka wanted one of the few phantom birds in the world. Yuma requested to be put in charge of the orphanage for the adoption of children without relatives. Aileen, instead, wanted a rare booze called Divine liquor… Some of [...]

New Game – Introduction


The regreat of a man who had felt none The regret still lingering within this man granted him to reincarnate from his former world to a different one. For being reborn, he could wish for one thing. Proficiency with swords, mastery of magic or any other power. All of them are to cleanse his tainted feelings. Some don’t seek for special abilities. Some would ask for leisurely lives devoid [...]

Guild Master – Prologue 1


The forgotten fifth Everyone, at least once, dreamed of becoming the hero who would defeat the Demon Lord. But, in reality, it’s as hard as winning the lottery. I wanted to face them before anyone else and come back safe and sound. They were in a dangerous place, but even dying on the way back could make me a hero. When a hero returns from a similar feat, it [...]

Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 1


Monsters out in the cold “Bloody hell, we have no work.” Raiz, the tamer admired by everyone as the strongest ever seen, was in big trouble. This was due to the end of the long war that raged between the Kingdom of Tend and Serga. “What will happen to us when we lose our job…?” After he tamed and recruited any kind of powerful beast in the ranks of Tend, [...]