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Readying the spadework – Part 4

Renunt Village called a meeting to talk about the monsters’ hunt.
Karin and her comrades couldn’t help with that as long as Sigurd took care of it.

“Oh well, guess I’m dropping out of this job!”

That was literally the first sentence that Sigurd spoke once he sat on the chair, and with that alone he settled the fastest meeting that Renunt Village had ever had.

“Wait, what?! Lord Sigurd…!”

“I mean, Elsa and her comrades are gonna handle it, right? You don’t specifically need me, so you can just leave it to them.”

Leisel was panicking in front of Sigurd’s bored yawn.

“Also, minor monsters are too boring to slay. I did tell you that I’d help if you needed it, but now that there are other people for this job you don’t need me anymore.”

“H-However these demi-humans are nothing compared to you, Lord Sigurd. They might be unable to handle this feat!”

“They still kicked the ass of some Richtert’s mages, you know? They’d eat minor monsters for breakfast and I guess they’ll manage with middle class monsters too, don’t you think?”

Leisel’s face distorted at Sigurd’s retort. He probably hoped the man known as ‘Monster slayer’ would fill the job.
He was a sort of battle addict who wandered the lands to fight monsters in solo, although it was hard to tell now as he scratched his head while wearing a bored face.

“I only want to fight middle class or major monsters… I’d gladly snitch the job if a Divine Beast was to show up, but they’re free to take this job as long as that isn’t the case.”

“However, Lord Sigurd…!”

“Man, cut it. You’re annoying. I only want to talk a bit to my old friend, so let’s keep the boring stuff for later.”

He waved his hand as if to drive away some annoying fly and Leisel bit down on his molars to keep silent, his face warping.
However, the major gulped down the sourness of his answer and wished him a good permanence with a respectful bow before leaving the room.
The next moment, Sigurd flashed a warm smile and turned to his old friend.

“Anyway, I would’ve never expected to meet you here, Elsa.”

“I feel the same. You never returned to the capital since Vatel’s burial at sea. I heard that you kept moving from place to place.”

“Yup yup! I travelled to Denmerg and slaughtered every single monster on my path, but I never found something really hard to slay so I got ever so booored!”

He talked like he was having some chit-chat, but facing monsters alone was considered a suicide act, so Elsa couldn’t figure out if he had a huge self-esteem or he was simply a huge idiot.
He was probably a mix of the two.

“I ran here when I heard six middle-class fire dragons has appeared, but I only managed to slay five. It’s a shame that the last one escaped!”

He then let out an idiotic laugh, summarizing his brave tale.
The others all knew a middle-class fire dragon was as powerful as a small country’s entire army, so none of them felt like laughing along with him.
Karin raised her hand to attract his attention.

“I’m asking only to grasp the situation better… you kept slaying monsters on your way here, right?”

“Yes. I’m actually glad you’re here to take care of the boring stuff, miss elf.”

“Sigurd, I don’t think that’s a nice way to address her.”

“Why not, Elsa? She’s with you and looks friendly. Also, I don’t like ceremonious stuff like my dad and brother.”

He then flashed his smile at Karin, who was sort of thrown off by his friendliness, so she slightly pulled Elsa’s clothes and whispered to her ear.

“Is he seriously a Fortesea?”

“I know what you feel… but yes, he’s a Fortesea. No mistakes here.”

“I trust you, but… like, it’s hard to imagine.”

Then, Elsa faced Sigurd again.

“Wow! Bird guy, you sure have some nice muscles!”


“And that dragon guy is amazing too! Hey, is that armor actually your scales?!”


“Maaan, this is getting interesting! Look, I sculpted mine through monster hunts!”

Sigurd got on the same wavelength of the idiotic duo, and they all posed while flexing their muscles with pride.

“I guess idiots do attract each other…”

“For your information, he’s considered a genius when it comes to swordsmanship, and his experience in battle is huge. He is different from the other Fortesea members because he’s been disowned by his father and got to travel for a lot of years.”

“Disowned…? Isn’t he strong enough to hunt monsters?”

“Yes, but he was born with little to no affinity to magic.”

That sentence was all Karin needed to understand.
Richtert and Fortesea were the pinnacle of magic.
Elvis drove Sigurd away to protect Fortesea’s prestige—it was the very same reason behind Kiad’s murder.

“However, Elvis couldn’t completely cut ties with Sigurd because he was born with the Hero Seed.”

“I see. The Hero Seed is the best blessing for humans, just like the Beast Seed is the best one for us demi-humans. Both grant incredible power and unique abilities quite different from magic.”

Having one meant to be a super-human. Someone who could potentially trample on a hundred warriors alone.
People like them ruled the city-states of heroes in the west.
Rumors said that they daily hunted middle-class and major monsters, which ran rampant in the Bestia Virgin Forest.

“I see… so he’s still a Fortesea because he was born with that.”

“Exactly. However, he can’t use magic, so he’s been sort of expelled from the country and disowned… which led him to hunt monsters like crazy.”

“So can I assume that he doesn’t share Elvis’ way of thinking?”

“I can’t tell for sure, but it might be…”

Elsa glanced at the dumb trio again.


“Boy, your lats are rock-hard, dammit!”


“Mmmhhh, bravo~! Your abs are great! That’s what I call a hell of a six pack!”


Seeing the boys calling out and praising each other’s muscles raised the manliness of the room to disgusting levels. Their dumbness had skyrocketed so high they had just breached the heavens and reached a whole new level of stupidity.

“I mean… look at them. I don’t think we should worry too much.”

“I agree… I just took a peak to his thoughts and muscles are literally the only thing in his head right now.”

The two women let out a deep sigh just in time to see Sigurd flash his pearly whites.

“Guuuys, it’s been forever since I last saw some bony muscles like yours! Thank you!”

“Make up your mind, are they bones or muscles…?”

“I mean, have you seen them?! They’re muscles as hard as bones, how should I call them? By the way, there’s a thing I wanted to ask!”

He shifted his gaze to the one girl who had been standing in silence in the corner of the room for all that time, his smile still unwavering.

“Foxy, you’re the one who slaughtered my brother, right?”

The next moment, he pointed his huge sword to Kunon. He had unsheathed it so quickly and suddenly that no one managed to react in time and the atmosphere in the room became tense in a moment.
Kunon looked at the weapon with surreal calmness, then showed a broad cloudless smile.

“First, I’m a wolf, not a fox!”

“Oh no, really? Anyway, I feel that you’re totally different from the others here. I’m quite sure you have the Beast Seed.”

“Second, I didn’t kill Kiad.”

“Oh c’mooon! I failed twice in a row?! Dammit, I’m so embarrassed right nowww…!”

He barely changed his leisure behaviour as the tip of his sword lowered ever so slightly.
A sharp light was forming into Kunon’s eyes, as her stare shifted from the sword to the man holding it.

“Putting his personality aside, my brother was a very skilled magic knight… I thought you could be the only one killing him, Wolfie… did I get it wrong for real?”

“You’re thinking too highly of me. I’m just a newbie who got hit by a random rock today, how many chances would I stand against someone like your brother?”

“Please, you let that rock hit you because you wanted to show the villagers that you’re inferior to them. Now they won’t need to keep an eye on you all the time, right? Crying while hugging Elsa was just an act too.”

Kunon’s eyebrow twitched slightly and Sigurd smiled again seeing he was right.

“I hit the bullseye this time, huh?”

“You weren’t there yet when it happened, so you sure got nice ears for a human.”

“Well, I’m a sort of super-human… but I’ll never be as good as a demi-human. I believe you’re way stronger than any monster I can find out there, Wolfie.”

He was looking at her like he’d look at a challenger.
He let all the bloodlust and will to fight run rampant, making his sculpted body look like a steel-hard threat like his sword.
His rival shut her eyes in front of him.

“I don’t wanna fight you, I’d get huuurt! That’s a big no~!”

Saying that, Kunon walked to Elsa, sat nearby her and laid her head on the woman’s lap.

“Yaaay~! Captain’s thighs are comfyyy~!”

“Hey! What the heck are you doing?!”

“I got hit by a rock! I don’t like being huuurt~!”

“Stop it, that isn’t a good reason! Get away! And stop moving your ears, they’re tickling me where you shouldn’t!”

“Woah, Elsa! I can see your panties!”


Elsa was trying to shake Kunon off her while waving the scabbard of her sword toward the man.
Sigurd accepted Kunon’s response, although it left a bitter taste in his mouth, and lowered his sword with a wry cackle.

“Well, we’ll have another chance to fight to death, Wolfie! You’re under the direct orders of my gramps, so I’m sure we’ll meet again somewhere!”

“By the way, it was your dad who killed Kiad.”

“Damn, I knew it… I knew our father was strict and it was only a matter of time before he would do something like that.”

He didn’t look shocked by the news, despite it being so crude. He surely had some loose screws in his head if he could easily accept that his father killed his brother.

“Anyway, I feel like something fun will happen in this village, so I’ll stay with you for now!”

“Whaaat?! I wish you could just leave, honestly…”

“C’mon, Wolfie, don’t hurt me like that! I’m not going to meddle with your hunts… you know what? Now I wanna relax in the nearby hot springs. I won’t pick a fight with you for now, you get my word. See you!”

He flashed another friendly smile and shouldered his weird-shaped sword again before leaving the room.
Karin slapped her forehead. She was knitting her eyebrows so much se had wrinkles forming between them.

“I thought he was just an idiot, but he’s actually a smart idiot.”

“He’s usually a moody dumbass, but his skills are no laughing matter… anyway, if he knew about Kiad despite traveling all the time, he surely had a chance to get in touch with Elvis.”

“You’re right… He doesn’t want to pick a fight with us but that doesn’t imply that he’s collaborating with Elvis, so we might not have to face him eventually… right, Elsa?”

“We should actually be extra-careful with him… he will obey any order from his father. Slaying monsters was one of them, for example.”

“Wait… is there a reason why he was specifically ordered to hunt monsters?”

“I can’t tell for sure… but he’s been doing it since he was five.”

Elsa’s tone of voice was arctic.
Karin couldn’t believe what she heard.

“He what?”

She looked at Elsa to make sure that she wasn’t joking and found the red-haired woman hugging her own head.

“Sigurd told me that as soon as his father understood that he couldn’t use magic, he was ordered to slay monsters. He just kept executing that order so far, that’s how he’s become so unbelievably strong.”

She still remembered that he told her about it with a soft laugh, but there was nothing soft behind it.
He would follow any order his father told him, no matter how insane or unreasonable it would be.

“Elvis didn’t tell him to kill us, that’s why he’s letting us be for now… At least he acknowledged you as a handful, Wolf girl.”

That was bad news in itself, because it meant that Kunon would surely be one of Elvis’ next targets, so she was going to face a huge danger eventually—Sigurd.

“Oh, damn it…! Thinking about it is giving me a stomach-ache…!”

“Captain, I have some pills for your tummy, do you want some?”

“Okay, but stop using my lap as your comfy pillow.”

“Don’t mind me~! Anyway, all I need to do is win, so don’t worry!”

Kunon wagged her tail carefreely while flapping her ears and Karin sighed in front of this new load of information.

“Anyway, we’re in charge of slaying the monsters now, so let’s think about that first. Aigle, Levin, get to work on that.”

“Roger that! Our hunting unit will keep the pursue-and-destroy tactic!”

“What should we do with the main unit…? We should watch out for that guy as well, so I guess we outta move out of the way and keep the perimeter safe…”

As the two brownie demi-humans talked about their plan, Karin grabbed her magic tool.

“Flying column, update your status.”

“Merino, linking the carpenter unit up and readying the provisions for the stealth team.”

“C-Chloris, waiting f-for orders at the o-observation point of Meld mountain range with the s-scout team! No anomalies i-in monsters’ numbers o-or shapes so far…!”

“Lang, moving through the rivers. No changes in the currents or water’s surface.”

She made sure that all of them managed to do what they were supposed to, although she didn’t expect them to carry their duties on so easily, given what had happened with Renunt’s villagers a few hours before.

“Well, it’s the dead of night, we can take some rest now…”

She was about to call it a day when she noticed that a new call was lighting the magic tool.
The dealer was Suzuran.
She didn’t know why someone from there would call at that hour, so she picked up right away.


“I-I d-did it…?! Karin! Karin, is that you?! Can you hear me?!”

Mirta’s voice rang so loudly that Karin’s ears twitched in pain.

“Yes, I can hear you. Did something happen? Did you want to check if you managed to call?”

“O-O-Of course nooot! It’s about Lize! She got helped by people of the slums, there were some of the middle layer and a few nobles as well, b-b-but…!”

“Mirta, calm down. Take a deep breath and explain what’s going on slowly.”

Karin heard Mirta inhaling and exhaling loudly from the other side of the magic tool.
It must’ve happened something really bad to make her sound so upset.

“Thank you. Now can you get to the point in a few words?”


She started to loudly sob the next moment, and the elf was at a loss for words for a moment.
This wasn’t the first time that Mirta cried like that, but she never sounded that hopeless before.

“Boss, don’t cry. Help me understand why she failed.”


Once again, Karin couldn’t believe what she heard and the call was abruptly cut.

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