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The man who enjoyed his regret – Prologue

Takumi slowly opened his eyes and found himself in an empty, blank place.

“Hi hi~! How lucky to get another chance!”

A humanoid shape appeared from the void scene and spoke with an inappropriate voice.

“How much did you last? Around seven years?”

Her behavior remained, but that was to be expected from an existence like that.

“It’s been a while, Goddess.”

“Ah, if I could choose, I’d never meet you again…”

Her smile cramped, but after sighing, she quickly recomposed herself.

“I can’t believe you survived for that long… with that cheeky behavior of yours, I thought you were going to die in a jiffy. I even wished for it.”

“Are you really a Goddess?”

“That’s rude, of course I am! A middle-ranked one, at least.”

She answered while puffing her abundant chest with pride. Takumi sighed and glared at her stupid reaction.

“Okay, I guess… Listen, do you understand that you didn’t grant my wish as I asked?”

“Eh? Didn’t you want to reincarnate as a slave of some harsh world while keeping your abilities and look?”

“Yeah, you did exactly what I wanted, but… you forgot about a detail and added something, didn’t you?”

His gaze was as sharp as a blade. She shrugged her shoulders and let her long, platinum hair sway behind her.

“Oops, you found me out?”

“Of course. Even an idiot could’ve connected the dots.”

Replied him while remembering two girls.
Kunon, a blonde, lively wolf-girl with gold-colored eyes, and Karin, a gloomy elf with black, silky hair.
Demi-humans whose power transcended human’s, captured exactly when he was reincarnated.

“There’s a limit to human’s luck. Why did you do that?”

He pointed at her, who wore a shy expression.

“I… thought it was bad if you died the moment you awakened… I’m a Goddess, after all…”

“Remember what I said, senile Goddess.”

“I’m not senile! I have this faint feeling of having been alive a long time ago, but I’m definitely not senile!”

“Who cares about your mental condition, just tell me what your goal was.”

Takumi lowered his voice, and she smiled.

“Let me answer with a question. Why do you think we make people reincarnate?”

“I have no idea.”

“Oh, c’mon~! You’re pretty quick-witted… or rather, I might even say you were the smartest in your original world. You know the reason, don’t you?”

She laughed, amused, but he didn’t answer.

“Anyway, rest assured. You were reincarnated in the lowest social class of that world. Sorry for nudging you a little… Right, what about some power for this time?”

“Sure, only if I can punch you to death.”

“That would be a bit extreme, don’t you think?!”

“You reap what you sow. I reincarnated only to test my own abilities.”

He couldn’t use them to their fullest in his original world, so his regret brought him to wish for an environment where he was free to use them as he wished.

“Still, without those two you would’ve died, no? C’mon, show some gratitude to this concerned Goddess.”

“Try to intervene again and I won’t just promise to beat you, retarded Goddess.”

“Did those sound like words of gratitude to you?!”

“Also, if I was alone, with my limbs tied and ignorant of the world’s language, the result would have been the same. I’d have escaped and survived anyway.”

“Eeeh? If that was true, it’d be really boring.”

“Well, sorry for ruining your mood. Anyway, since last time I couldn’t dispel my regret, don’t help me at all from now on.”

“Okay, fine… I won’t make it happen again, and neither will I help you in the future. Test your abilities as much as you want.”

She eventually reached her limit and surrendered while drooping her shoulders.

“I already understood that you’re way more talented than the average human, so I don’t mind letting you do whatever you want, since I will still achieve my goal.”

“I don’t know or care about what you are scheming, as long as I’m free to do what I want. Anyway, I have a lot left to do, so bring me back, please.”

“My duty is also finished. Now I have a headache because of you… There, go into that light and you will wake up.”

“Okay. Call me if you want to have another headache.”

As he started to walk toward his destination, her voice reached him again.

“What do you think about that world?”

Her tone was totally different from before, as it was now tinted with sadness.
Takumi turned to let her see his smiling face.

“It’s not bad.”

Hearing his answer, the Goddess smiled bashfully.

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