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Everyone’s home

“It’s finally over”

“It really is!”

Lamia got closer to Raiz as she answered energetically.

“Our new home…”

It was way bigger then the old building, and it was solid enough to not get easily destroyed by another storm.

“Thinking about everyone’s needs was hard… but we finally did it!”

Raiz was overcome with emotions as tears started rolling down his cheeks.

“Finally…! Goodbye wall-less house!”

“That would be innovative, though…”

Lety said that as a joke, but she was impressed by the idea. The rainy season in Dekush brought along many tempests, so the carpenters had to come up with ways to prevent the houses to break down.
Raiz and his monsters had lived in there with simple cloths as walls and doors, something very old-fashioned even for the oldest people in Dekush.

“Our customers will finally stop looking at me suspiciously! I have my house and office again!”

The proof of their authenticity was hanging on the front door: a sign with ‘Monsters’ Delivery’ wrote on it.

“We also have a waiting room for the Dragon Express, so there won’t be any more chaos!”

Commented Lamia as she pointed to the simple but efficient room at the building’s side.
A sign showing ‘Dragon Express’ was placed over the door.

“We built it since people kept asking for one!”

Said the master carpenter while holding a bag of tools in one hand.

“Great job! Now people will know where to wait!”

Before, there wasn’t a specified place where people could wait for Dragon, so the town mayor asked the carpenters to build one to prevent any more confusion.

“Well, Dapta paid for it in advance, so you should thank him.”

Actually, the town mayor wanted to make profit for the city, so he gathered money from all the supporters of the idea.
As a living creature, Dragon couldn’t fly day and night, neither he could do extra rides when he felt to, so people had to find a place to get some sleep and food, meaning that they would contribute to the growth of the city’s economy.

Dragon Express was an outstanding service. Thanks to its speed and security, it attracted the attention of merchants, encouraging the improvement and comfortability of existent land travel services.
Nearby Raiz’s office, some branches of inns and restaurants were already under construction. They were still in the early stages, but the carpenters, along with Raiz’s minotaurs, were working hard to complete them as soon as possible.

“Thanks to Dragon Express, even our business took off. I’m so happy I might scream! And now my family’s funds are safe! By the way, wanna make a contract for adding a new wing to your house?”

“Ahahah! Let me finish paying you for this, first! Maybe in the future!”

“Is that so? Great. Lemme know if you need something! See ya!”

With that, the master carpenter started to walk to the nearby inn.

“If they didn’t allow us to pay when we can, we’d be screwed.”

“Indeed. Thanks to it, we even added more rooms compared to our original idea!”

At first, they wanted a somewhat normal house for him and the monsters that wanted to stay inside.
But then, the project changed, and waiting rooms and guest rooms were added so that they could finally live all under the same roof. There was even a barn for Unicorn and similar monsters, and a room for Lety.

“I am Raiz’s bodyguard, so it is only logical for me to stay here.”

Said Lety, but Raiz still couldn’t accept that she covered the cost of her room by herself.

“Don’t mind her, Meowster. If you’re lucky enough, you might see her change.”

Hearing Cat sith’s words, the tamer suddenly accepted it.
Not like he had dirty thought or anything.

All those changes brought the shape of the house to change drastically.
On a door was hanging the chivalry department branch’s sign, perches for flying monsters were placed on the roof, and behind the building were the stables and the cat doors. In front of that bizarre house, a wingless monster would wonder why the eaves were that large, and a normal man would be puzzled by the overall structure’s shape.

“I still can’t believe that my Master made a room only for me~!”

Lamia smiled happily. If one included the lower half of her body, she was quite a big monster.
That’s why human houses were usually too narrow for her race, and they normally lived in caves.
But Raiz tried his best to satisfy everyone’s needs.
Her room was long and thin to let her stretch as much as she wanted without touching the walls, and it had a big window to let her warm up in the morning sun, as well as a futon where she could entirely fit in. That was undoubtedly the ideal room for her.

“My barn is great too, and so is my hay bed! If there were also some little girls, I wouldn’t have had anything to say!”

No matter what, Unicorn was always the same.

Whenever a monster entered the rooms, they suggested changes to make them better, and most of them came even cheap.
Kobold, for example, used his savings to cover his room’s floor with ore, and Cat Sith wanted a wooden box with a towel as his bed.

“Guess I’ll go unpack my stuff.”
“I will bring here my things from the inn, then.”

The present monsters watched Raiz walk to his room and Lety heading to the city.

“There is no use in making arboreal monsters live in this house, huh…?”

“You lonelyyy?”

As Dryad was about to walk off too, Treant spoke to her.

“I am not. The soil is our house. I was only thinking about how happy they are looking, but I do not feel sad about it.”

“Master is kiiind.”

“Precisely. No tamer granted any private room to his monsters before.”

Those words came from her heart.
Dryads could share information and feelings among themselves. For example, they could feel or see what someone else had experienced.
Among those images were also tamers, which usually used their subordinates as tools and treated them as beasts. But Raiz didn’t. He was unique.

“This is… unprecedented.”

Dryad shifted her gaze to the bizarre building, the house of her comrades.

“They will be surpriiised.”

“They sure will. It should not take much before they reach this city.”

As they pondered on the approaching troubles, they ended their conversation.

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