Victory party

Torches lit the city as to drive the night away.


“More meat incoming!”

“This’s good! Gimme more!”

People were drinking and wolfing down food, while others were improvising some strange dances, but everyone was enjoying the victory to the fullest.

“In the end, we managed to win.”

Lety was slowly chewing the cooked meat of a monster they killed in the afternoon.
Commanding amateurs wore her out more than she expected, so she was extremely tired.

“We didn’t have casualties, but many were injured. Thanks to Unicorn’s treatment, their life is not in danger anymore, but they’ll need to rest for some time.”

“Seems like the adventurer guild will help for that. They offered to provide medical discounts to those who got injured in battle.”

Raiz was relieved to hear that. He got close to the townspeople, so he was honestly happy.

“By the way, what was that frog?”

Lety recalled the apostle of Bael.

“Can demons simply be born like that? Aren’t they summoned with some sort of ritual?”

She was ignorant when it came to magic, and as far as she knew, only occultic and questionable parties summoned them by offering some living sacrifice in their rituals… or so she heard when she was a child.

“If the right conditions are met, the presence of a summoner is not necessary. I don’t think there was one this time.”

He didn’t have enough information, so that was the only conclusion he could come to.

“Also, if demons could only be summoned, how could the first guy who summoned one come up with the right ritual? You can’t know the ritual if you don’t know the summon, don’t you think?”

“Oh, you’re right.”

What should I eat next, some eggs or some chicken meat?
As Lety was stuck with that doubt in her mind, she agreed and accepted Raiz’s explanation.

“Oh well, let’s enjoy this night!”

“Here, Lamia. Have this too.”

“Thank you.”

The nearby old women kept offering her food, and she gleefully accepted more and more, despite having her hands already full.
Her duty was simple, but essential: bringing arrows and supplies on the walls as fast as she could while they were under siege.

“Here, Unicorn, have a carrot.”

“Why… I spent all my time healing people in the rearguard, so how come that only old-farts are thanking me?!”

He was always the same.

Nearby Raiz’s ranch was Dragon, who watched over the festival from the distance like a stranger.
He was the only one there, but soon a lot of people went to him.

“Oh, here it is! It’s here!”

Drunk men were approaching him while holding booze and food.

“Dragon, join our party!”

“You deserve it, man! You kicked that monster’s ass in a jiffy!”

“Yeah, let’s have fun together!”

“I refuse. I acted only because my Master wanted me to. Humans like you should be terrified of a dragon like me. ”

“Oh, c’mon! Come have some fun!”

“Yeah! Have some meat, here!”

“Drink this!”

“O-Oi, you…”

One after the other, the drunkards placed food between Dragon’s claws like they were putting it in some storehouse.

“Dig in! It’s super tasty!”


None of them was listening, but they were really convinced of their words.
Ignoring them would have been easy, but the feeling of food between his claws was annoying, so he brought everything to his mouth and swallowed it whole.

“Woah! That’s a real drinker for you!”

“A real eater, if anything!”

“Gahahaha! Both are fine!”

“Guys, let’s bring him more food!”

“And more drinks!”

The fearless drunkards set off and soon returned with more supplies.

“You damn drunkards…”

He cursed them but didn’t leave the place.
Raiz watched him from afar.

“Oh, some guys are bringing him food?”

He turned and looked at the people in the city having fun along with monsters.

“…Maybe we will really be accepted in this city.”

The party grew livelier as the night grew deeper.

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