Bael’s apostle

The leader of the monsters, a humongous frog whose height almost reached five meters, towered over the surrounding monsters. On its head, a crown-like thing showed its strength.

“What the hell is that?!”

The fighting adventurers froze in place, while the frog started to slowly raise its forelegs.

“What is it gonna do?!”

It didn’t look like it was preparing to throw or spit something, and there weren’t any adventurers nearby it.


The fighters came back to their senses thanks to Raiz’s shout and started to run.
Then, the frog hit the ground and after putting strength in its legs, it propelled itself onward, jumping over the battlefield and crashing into the walls. No one died from the impact, but once it fell on the ground, its round body helped it to roll a little distance away and regain its stability without problems.




Horror painted the fighters’ faces while they peered at the frog’s face.
It jumped two hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

“D-Don’t let it jump again! Charge!”

Lety was the first to regain her cool, thanks to the large number of unexpected developments she had experienced before as a soldier, and started to once again issue orders to the adventurers.

Countless spears tried to impale the frog, but…

“Why can’t I stab it?!”

The fluids seeping through its hard skin made it too slippery to being stabbed.


The adventurers tried to attack again, but the frog reacted and flailed its huge legs around, blowing them away. It was like it was trying to drive off some flies.

The one-sided battle was now reversed.

“Use magic! Warriors, push the other monsters back! Those who can’t fight must help the injured to withdraw before they get eaten!”

Trow yelled new orders to keep the soldiers under control.

“Raiz! What is the weak point of that monster?!”

Lety asked, but she didn’t hear the answer she wanted.

“That’s not a monster.”


She couldn’t understand what he just said, and shifted her gaze on the frog. No matter how she looked at it, it was just a giant frog.

“That’s an apostle of Bael… a demon.”

“A demon?!”

“Bael is a demon with a human, a frog, and a cat’s head, and it’s said that sometimes it manifests in the world granting a wish to one of those creatures, like in this case.”

“So, is this Bael?!”

“No, it isn’t. This is one of its underlings. To invoke Bael itself you need a huge amount of sacrifices. On the other hand, this one is just a demon that has spontaneously developed in this world, so it’s just a special case. Probably, it constantly wished for the monsters to find enough food to survive this breeding season, and this is what happened.”

“Okay, how can we defeat it?!”

She now understood the situation, but she still needed to know a way out of it.
Meanwhile, the frog was sending soldiers and adventurers flying, occasionally even monsters.

“Should we try to banish it on another plane?! Or should we just destroy its body?!”

Arrows and spells rained on it, but the formers were ineffective, and the demon could easily ignore everything else with its high magic resistance.

“There’re no such mages in this kingdom, and none of our attacks have any effect!”

Then, the frog was once again preparing to jump straight into the walls.

“Block it!”

Trow shouted at the top of his lungs, knowing that the next attack would have blasted the walls away, making the city vulnerable to the horde of monsters, or even directly jumped them.

The end was drawing closer…

“Only a divine blessing would grant a normal human a chance to defeat an apostle…”

Raiz let out a faint whisper, while everyone’s faces turned blue as the frog was about to slap the earth.

“…But we can do it.”

The tamer kept a straight, cool face, while a thunderous roar pierced the air.
Instead of jumping, the frog body trembled




Everyone expected it to blast the wall or jump over it, not to bury itself.

“W-Why is it hiding?!”

The frog was convulsing in horror, exactly like someone who was going to be beaten to death.
But how was that even possible?
Was there even someone who could scare a demon like that?

The next moment, a shadow covered the sun, and the sky turned dark like it was winter. A rumble shook the air violently, and the soldiers looked up only to freeze in fear.

The strongest monster in the world, the unbeatable foe, the lord of the skies, who could even fright demons, was hovering above them.

“Dragon can win this fight.”

Raiz’s strongest servant opened his mouth, and a huge amount of magical power started to flow from his throat. The next moment, an endless stream of fire, Dragon Breath, covered the monsters and their leader, as well as a vast area of the plains.

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