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The volunteer soldiers and the monsters

The flying unit approached the incoming wave while clutching the bags with their claws.

“Guuuys! When we get over them, rip your bags!”

Harpy, their leader, started ordering the griffins and hippogriffs lined up behind her.
When they got close enough, blacksmiths and carpenters’ lumps of discarded metal fell from the cuts on the bags. Sword and axes didn’t deal much damage when threw, but metal falling from a vertiginous height became a deadly weapon, considering the acceleration and impact.
Countless monsters let out cries of pain under them. It was a simple, one-sided and nightmarish assault that could reach even the rear-guard of the enemy lines.

But this time, the enemy was a large number of starving beasts, none of which intelligent enough to escape after suffering from something that devastating.
Many monsters instantly died, but those who survived maintained their march while stepping over their comrades’ corpses and dividing into groups.

“Now it’s our turn!”

A huge butterfly, Papillon, the leader of the second flying unit, spoke from behind Harpy.
This unit’s duty was to attack the monsters who tried to jump over the corpses to avoid the piles of metal and corpses.

Slowing the wave down was one of Raiz and the others’ tactics. Decimating the front guard while the rear one was falling behind gave them enough time to regroup and focus on fewer targets.

“They’re starting to split! Third unit, it’s time to destroy them!”

The volunteer soldiers fired their arrows at once, and despite many of them missed their target, the outcome wasn’t bad.
That was possible only thanks to the hordes’ sheer number, given that aiming wasn’t necessary to hit.

Still, the monsters never stopped advancing.
If things kept going that way, it wouldn’t have taken them much to reach the walls…
Then, rustling sounds and thuds arose from their front line, who disappeared into dark holes on the ground: the traps. Wandworm dug them all around the city.
They were seven meters deep, three meters large, and their walls were hard to climb.

“Good! Close combat unit, finish those in the traps!”

The soldier immediately followed the commander’s order, and they started to attack the monsters with special spears that were longer than the average ones.
Those who didn’t meet Lety’s standard were assigned to that role.
The fallen monsters couldn’t attack back or dodge the spear strikes, considering the small space they were confined in. That way, even amateurs could still one-sidedly kill their targets.

Meanwhile, the experienced soldiers and Raiz’s monsters had started to move…

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