Battle start!

“They’re coming!”

The guards loudly screamed from the observation tower.

“How many and how far are they?!”

Hearing the warning, the soldiers stationed on the walls started to get ready.

“Too many! Eight green and two black hordes! More are coming!”

Counting the approaching wave was impossible.
Also, there weren’t many people who knew how to count, so even a rough estimation was worthy of praise. The city’s guild master assembled capable people for this job.

The monsters were approaching the city at great speed, and soon they would’ve reached Dekuch’s defensive line.

“Good, tell the long-distance team to attack when they cross the line!”

Trow gave the order from the observation tower that served also as a command office, and the volunteer soldiers, adventurers, and guards on the walls let out a war cry.
They readied their weapons and waited for the enemy to come close.

Three grooves dug on the ground around the city showed the range of magic and bows.
The external one was for experienced marksmen, wizards and hunters, the middle one was for those who had a tad of combat experience but never used a bow, and the last one was for those who barely had any combat ability but could still try to hit with a lucky arrow.

Luckily, the approaching wave was very numerous, so people didn’t really need to aim. That’s why Lety suggested hiring a bunch of citizens as volunteer soldiers. Since they would have to fight off an uncertain number of enemies, they needed as much manpower as they could get.

“They are close to the outer line!”

Hearing the sentry, those stationed outside the main gate started to get nervous.

“Don’t fire! Wait!”

Every team of civilians had an experienced soldier leading them, who issued that order to avoid any waste of arrows.

“Wait a little longer… Okay, they’re in range!”


The next moment, the first line of soldiers started to cast their spells and to shot their arrows, that soon vanished in the midst of the approaching wave.

“Did we hit?!”

“What happened?!”

“We did hit them, but they’re too many! It was like throwing a pebble into a lake!”


The first line started to let out frustrated cries.

“Keep shooting! You don’t have to aim, just keep shooting!”

“Yes, sir!”

Arrows flew through the air again, and this time some of their targets collapsed on the ground. It was heartening in one sense, but the monsters just kept multiplying like demons in a nightmare.

“Just how many are they?!”

Ending the war dealt a huge impact on this, huh…

Trow kept that thought in his heart, where it found refuge.
He couldn’t let anyone hear it. A real commander shouldn’t let anyone feel his anxiety.

“Dispatch the flying unit!”


Raiz, who stood beside him, nodded and told Lamia to give the signal.
She took the red flag and started to wave it outside the tower.

“Flying unit, sortie!”

The countless flying beasts tamed by Raiz clutched a bag each and flew over the walls while carrying the city’s hope on their wings.

“We are in your hands.”

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