Hunting business meeting

“Thanks for coming.”

Trow welcomed them as they stepped into his room.

When they arrived at the adventurer’s guild, they were greeted by the girl at the counter they grew accustomed to from selling raw materials, who then guided them to the Guild Master’s office.

“Hello. You have our most sincere gratitude for coming to us for help.”

Raiz saluted the Guild Master, who urged him to stop weaving his hand, with a manager-like tone.

“Drop the formalities. We don’t have time for speaking so elegantly.”

“Okay. Shall we get down to business, then?”

“Sure, but will Miss Knight join us too?”

He directed his gaze to the young lady behind the tamer.

“Yes. I’d also like to protect people as a knight. I’m not a sergeant, but I do have experience on the battlefield and as an officer.”

“Lety worked in the front-lines with me. She is pretty used to those situations, way more than the average knight.”

“Nice. I’m glad to have her with us, then. This will be a free-for-all battle, so I need some experienced commanders.”

“That’s good to hear… Anyway, I didn’t know you were acquaintances.”

Commented Raiz, who guessed they knew each other by sight.

“I’m a knight officially dispatched here, so it’s only natural that I introduced myself to all the influential people in the city!”

She said as she puffed her chest out with pride.

“It makes sense.”

“Can we get back to business? I’d like to start our discussion.”

Trow invited them to sit on the sofa and then spread a huge map on the table that was in front of them.
It showed the city and its surroundings.

“Where did you get this map? Have you bought it from someone?”

Lety’s face stiffened as soon as she saw it.

Oh, right. Maps are usually military secrets… She’s still on duty, so I guess it’s weird to see one here for her.

In this world, the requests to make maps were rare.
People hardly left their city, and if they had to, they almost never went further than the neighbouring ones. Travellers created their own maps as they gathered information and calculated the estimated time to reach their destinations, but given that the cities were connected by roads, there wasn’t a real reason to stray from them.

Strictly speaking, maps weren’t used in everyday-life.
The army, which was the strongest power in the country, the special units of powerful nobles and maybe criminals would use them.

The worst-case scenario for Lety was for a spy from another country to steal it.
With a map, they could move soldiers precisely to fight and resolve any hostile action. Also, the more details about cities, mines and so on it had, the more useful it was.
So why the Guild Master had one?

“We created this ourselves. We needed it to counteract the breeding season.”

“What do you mean?”

She wasn’t convinced by his answer, so she tried to pry further into the matter with a dubious expression.

“The walls around this city serve to defend the citizens from monsters. When they outnumber what the forest’s resources can feed, they leave it in search of food. And since we are the closest city, we always are their first target.”

He moved his index on the map from the Forest of Monsters to Dekuch.

“But the country never helped us so far, and the army was busy with war, so we had to do something about it on our own.”

Lety understood what he meant, and her clouded expression showed her feelings about the matter.
The Kingdom of Tend fought with Serga for several years.
To avoid a catastrophic scenario, they skirmished frequently, and especially when the war started to come to its end, the battlefields moved toward the borders.
That’s why, no matter the problems a city would face, the army couldn’t provide any support.

“This serves only to defend ourselves. Looking at the topography, we can guess where the monsters will move to, so we can think about where to place traps and where to fight them head-on.”

His serious tone made even Raiz, who wasn’t part of the army anymore, restless.

“I’m… really sorry about my rudeness.”

“Please, don’t be. Soldiers have a lot of duties, and you were only trying to properly do your job.”

He nonchalantly accepted her apology.

Woah, that was mature of him… or is this just another of his tactics?

“So, let’s get started. Is there another monster who can use Healing Magic aside from Unicorn?”

“He’s pretty much the only one who can, but there’s someone who can create potions, so we could use them.”

“Great. I’ll buy you the necessary ingredients. Now, what about the ones who can fight? Can we borrow someone who shots from a distance and one that can bind the monsters’ movements?”

“There’s plenty of them with those characteristics. Should I explain their abilities?”

“I’ll do it. Raiz’s monsters helped with construction even in the army, so I’ll tell you how to use them to their fullest.”

Lety joined the conversation when it came to monsters’ abilities.
It looked like she returned to her normal self.

“Sure, go ahead.”


Then, they started to discuss which of Raiz’s monsters were going to contrast the invasion from the Forest of Monsters.

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