The forest of Monsters

“We want to ask you to eliminate the big monsters that will come out from the forest.”

Ino looked quite tense while saying that.

“Is this related to the breeding season?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“But isn’t it an annual event? How did you handle it before?”

Raiz asked while guessing that there was more than simple lack of manpower.

“We used to hunt them down while cooperating with the adventurer’s guilds of the nearby cities. Since you promised to help with thinning their number, and the suppression pace this year is faster than usual, we were thinking that hunting would be relatively safe this year. Still, the monsters-per-adventurer ratio will be quite high.”

“I see…”

Even Dragon pointed that out…

“We’re not doubting you, Raiz. We can see your dragon fly toward the forest every day from the walls of Dekuch. It became quite famous among travellers and residences.”

Oh, is that so?

She wanted to clarify it right away, to avoid any misunderstanding. Judging by Raiz’s thoughtful face, it was probable that he would have guessed they thought he wasn’t keeping his word.

He still looked more surprised that his dragon was a sort of tourist attraction, though.

Does this mean that people started to accept him?

“Also, we have proof that you sell raw materials collected from monsters every day. I almost want to tell you to slow down your pace.”

“Dragon is the responsible. Either small monster should do the job for him, so he just attacks whatever comes his way. I guess he chooses the ones that taste better.”

“Oh, I see. No wonder that there are so many raw materials from certain monsters.”

After her doubt was cleared, Ino loosened her lips into a little smile.

So Raiz’s dragon likes bear monsters, huh.

Actually, she hadn’t the slightest idea that he liked them for their big body alone.

“That said, we’d need a monster with healing abilities and one strong fighter. If possible, the latter one should be able to attack from a distance. You can speak to the Guild Master for details, so can you come to the adventurer’s guild today or tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes. I’ll try to organize my monsters’ schedule.”

“Thank you. If hunting will overlap with the citizens’ requests, feel free to tell your clients that you have accepted an urgent mission directly from the guild. You don’t have to worry, we will take our responsibilities.”

That said, Ino started to return to the adventurer’s guild.
Raiz tried to offer her some water, but she softly refused and walked away quickly.

“I can’t understand if she was unfriendly or if she’s just like that.”

“Maybe both?”

Lety brooded over his uncertain answer, and then spoke again.

“So, will you accept their request?”

“I guess so. It’s a great chance to make an impression on people, isn’t it? What will you do?”

“I’ll join you. A knight should defend the citizens from dangerous monsters… Oh, but yours are harmless!”

For some reason, she blushed and Raiz thought she was kind of cute.

“Let’s start our hunt, then!”

At the time, Raiz had no clue that he was connected to the absurd outbreak of monsters, and neither was Lety.

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