Incoming troubles1



The soldier wrapped in a leather armour swung his battle axe down, splitting the monster’s head in two.

Ice sphere!”

Considering the environment, the wizard decided to cast a water spell.


The surrounding trees and bushes froze, cutting the monsters’ escape route and freezing the lower part of those who were already pushing their way through the vegetation.

Take this!”

The warrior started to mercilessly cut all of them down, one after the other.

After finishing, they couldn’t help but sigh. They were accustomed to this, but the monsters were not few.

We got a lot of them. Let’s take the raw materials and get back to the city.”


They were adventurers, people who travel from city to city while undertaking dangerous tasks every day.
Death might wait behind every corner for them, but there were times where their work wasn’t exactly life-threatening.
Lately, the number of youngsters who wanted to go down that road was decreasing.

There’s really a lot of monsters in this forest. Isn’t that tamer’s dragon thinning out their number?”

Groaned the warrior while harvesting their loot.

Well, the breeding season will start soon, you know?”

So we’re going to have more work, huh?”

The warrior looked toward the Forest of Monsters as he thought about what they were going to experience this year.

That said, I’m a knight formally assigned to this role, so I’ll keep living here.”

Said Lety. A month already passed since Merck returned back.

Congratulations, I guess?”

Yes, thank you.”

Aren’t they basically demoting her?

Thought Raiz, but he couldn’t say it after seeing her so happy.

So, what will your job be? There are already guards, so you can’t steal theirs.”

He already knew what she had to do, but asked anyway to avoid misunderstandings.

Apparently, I’ll be part of the garrison in charge of protecting the citizens from the creatures of the Forest of Monsters, but the truth is that I’ll act as your bodyguard. You have a lot of strong monsters, but they occasionally aren’t around because someone requests for their help. In those cases, I’ll use my authority to protect you!”

She put a lot of emphasis on the last part, but her duty wasn’t different from what Raiz and Merck agreed on.

Essentially, she is not a guard but has the authority to be one? I don’t think I’ll have to worry since I have already neutralized a special unit, though…

And… where are your comrades?”

If there were any, they should have at least shown their faces to the man they were going to protect.

Nowhere. I’m the only knight in Dekuch!”

Thinking about it rationally, her work was really absurd, but that made things easier for Raiz, who didn’t pry further in the matter.

Well, dispatching her alone means reducing the costs of my protection to the bare minimum, but there’re still people who are keeping an eye on me. Seems like some of them are preparing for something, but so far, no one noticed that each cat of the city is Cat sith’s underling.

Cat siths were also called the ‘Kings of cats’.
They couldn’t only share information at a long distance, but also subjugate any normal cat.
That ability was another reason why Raiz was an exemplary soldier, since he could gather a lot of information. It even made him know about Dekuch’s crisis.

Sorry, is Raiz there?!”

A loud, girlish voice rang from outside the hut.

Yes, I’m coming!”

He had to cut the conversation with Lety short and started to walk to what would soon become a full-fledged entrance, since someone was probably waiting outside.
His guess was soon revealed correct when, reaching the hut’s ‘provisional door’, he saw a serious-looking girl in her twenties.

Raiz Tamer, right? My name is Ino, from the Adventurer’s union.”

She bowed lightly to him as a greeting.

She looks so rigid…

I’m here for a request.”

What is it?”

She stared right into his eyes, her firm gaze showed her determination.

It had to be an important request.

Can you help us with the Forest of Monsters? The breeding season has started.”

1 The original says “にじり寄る食欲” but we couldn’t figure out how appetite fitted this chapter, so we changed it for now. We might change it again in the future.

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