TL note: sorry, I mistook the inn’s owner gender. We already fixed it in the last chapter.

…so she tried to buy some and that attracted quite the number of customers, so now she’s a regular. <— became “…so he tried to buy some and that attracted quite the number of customers, so now he’s a regular.”

Didn’t you hear the inn’s owner? <— became “Didn’t you hear that woman?”

The flavor of happiness

“Raiz, why here…?”

He chose an inn Lety had seen before.
Or rather, she saw its back door.

“Because the most popular monster cuisine in the city is served right here.”

The moment they entered, the strong smell in the air made their mouth water.

“Welcome! Oh, it’s you! Nice, you even brought your girlfriend?!”

A man in his late thirties came out of the kitchen.


Lety poke Raiz’s side with her elbow.

“Ouch! What was that about?!”


She looked annoyed.

“I don’t get it, but fine. Mister, two cockatrice’s omelets, please!”

“Right away!”

The man showed them to their table and made Lety seat.

“Here, lady.”

“T-Thank you. Raiz, do you always eat here?”

“Not every day, but I come here often.”

“I see…”

She fell silent.

“Here’s your cockatrice’s omelets!”

“That was fast!”

An elliptical, yellow food filled the plate that was placed in front of her.

“How did you make this in less than five minutes?!”

She asked in surprise.

“Well, this is the most requested dish, so we prepare some in advance!”

This time, the answer came from the woman who accepted cockatrice’s eggs before.


“Hello again, Miss. My omelets are the best in the world, so take your time and enjoy them.”

Without further ado, she went back in the kitchen.

“She’s the wife of the owner’s father. She doesn’t only help in the kitchen, but she also works as a waitress when they need some help.”

“I see.”

“Let’s dig in before it gets cold.”

Raiz handed over a fork and a spoon.


She took the spoon and tried to cut the omelet. It was so soft that she cut it without problems.
It was letting out a strong, delicious smell.

“Hope you like it.”

With a sense of wariness, she brought a spoonful of that apparently normal omelet to her mouth.


At first, a syrupy feeling filled her mouth.

It looks firm from the outside, but it’s actually half-cooked within!

Because of that, a sweet flavor spread on her tongue, and when she tried to chew it, a new wave of sweetness assaulted her mouth.

There are chopped vegetables in it… Carrot, onion, cabbage! This is really pleasant to chew, and even someone who hates them would find this dish delicious!

Lety started to feel grateful to the inn’s friendly owner.

I wonder how does this part taste…

She took a spoonful right from the middle of the omelet.

“Yum…! Mh?!”

Her body stiffened at the unexpected flavor.

Is this… meat?!

The inner part of the dish hid minced beef.

After a sea of egg and vegetables, is this where the last boss resides?!

Lety’s face relaxed.

What is this meat? It’s not a cow’s, a pig’s or even fish’s… I tasted snake and frog in the army, but it isn’t any of them either…!

“Raiz, what is this meat?!”

She couldn’t find an answer and asked him right away.

“It’s decapitating rabbit’s.”


She was astonished.
As the name suggests, that monster used its long, sharp teeth to decapitate its preys.
They are small, fast and usually aim to vital spots. They’re not strong, but since they are rabbits, they tend to move in groups.
If a battle lasts for too long, they call out for their companions that will jump simultaneously to their prey’s neck. They are in the top five causes of death of new adventurers.

“I didn’t know they tasted this good.”

That terrible monster was now a common, delicious bunny.

“They get seasoned in advance. They are simmered and then mixed with the vegetables to obtain this unique flavor.”

“Mixing them is brilliant, since they balance each other, and the meat gets more tender. But since it takes a long time, they make it in large quantities, right?”

Lety was happy from the bottom of her heart.
The diet of a knight was based on plain food, and in war she never knew what she would eat.
The army usually preferred food with high nutritional level, so the flavor wasn’t really important for them.


Before she knew it, she had emptied her plate.
Raiz looked at her sad look.

“Wanna order another one?”

“Eh? Really?! Yes, please!”

Since this wasn’t the army’s canteen, Lety immediately called the waitress and ordered another omelet.

“Will they be fast like before~?”

She asked while playing with her spoon.

“Hey, Raiz.”


“Are you happy with working with your monsters in this city?”

She wanted to hear his answer, but she was a little afraid of it.

I’m sure this is the right moment to ask. If he is, I’ll have to find the courage to accept it.

She asked in the spur of the moment, but it was necessary for her to understand his true intentions.

“Yes, I’m happy. I’m making the most of this opportunity, and the people are starting to open up with us.”

“…I see.”

He replied without hesitation, and her expectations crumbled so easily that it left a sour taste in her mouth.


She looked at the new omelet that was placed in front of her and started to eat it.

“It’s delicious.”

“Yeah, it really is.”

“It’s so good… I’m sad.”

The time she enjoyed her meal with her friend ended in the blink of an eye.

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