Monsters out in the cold

“Bloody hell, we have no work.”

Raiz, the tamer admired by everyone as the strongest ever seen, was in big trouble.
This was due to the end of the long war that raged between the Kingdom of Tend and Serga.

“What will happen to us when we lose our job…?”

After he tamed and recruited any kind of powerful beast in the ranks of Tend, the course of the war greatly changed.
Given their power, people started to address their leader as “Lord of the thousand beasts”.

But monsters are living creatures, so they need money to keep living.
Food costs, after all.
Raiz’s army was strong, but some of its members have huge bodies.
The quantity of food they consumed was monstrous.
Also, the Kingdom of Tend was impoverished after the war’s ending, thus they could only hope for money to start growing on trees.
Basically, they had to cut down their expenses.

“I have to do something!”

Raiz put his head between the hands.
But what could he do to earn that much money?

“I thought joining the army, becoming a hero and gaining everyone’s admiration would make me rich…”

Instead, the army’s funds were cut down.

“And since the war ended, we can’t even work as mercenaries. Killing bandits won’t bring us any substantial fortune. Could we hunt beasts on the mountains? No, no, that won’t work…”

“Excuse me, Lord Raiz…”

Turning toward that crystal-clear voice, he saw his underlings.
They were looking at him with worried expressions.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. Food is important, you know.”

Raiz aim was to achieve success, but he really cared about his companions.

He caressed the lamia, one of his subordinates.
It’s said that they seduce men and drive them crazy, but they’re just gentle and sensitive creatures.

“No, it’s not that… I mean, we want to be useful too.”

She grabbed his hand and rose it to her chest pleading.
Raiz’s heart screamed to keep his fingers at bay.

Behind them, other creatures expressed their consent out loud.

“I understand that you want to help, but not a single shop would hire us, since we’re useful only in war’s times…”

Raiz was dejected.

Monsters aren’t accepted by society, they were used only for one reason. They managed to work and live until now only because he was a tamer.
Thinking of being able to find a normal occupation was inconceivable.

“Then why don’t we start our own business?”

Suggested a unicorn, another of his underlings.

“Starting our own business?”

The equine nodded.

“Exactly. If you will be the manager, we can accept tasks that are not restricted to mere fights. For example, we could use my horn.”

Raiz was enlightened by his words.

“Right, Healing Magic!”

He nodded again.
It seems that their horn is a panacea capable of purify even water.
Besides, unicorns are prodigies in using Healing Magic.

“So, it’s okay to use our powers outside war?! We could make a living as Lord Raiz manages the shop, isn’t it?”


“I understand. If we use our abilities, we can still find a job!”

Raiz looked at his companions who stared back at him.

When there won’t be any bandit left, we’ll end up starving anyway, so why not give it a shot? We could make a huge profit!

“Then let’s start a business with all we have left!”


That’s how the strongest tamer started a business as jack of all trades.

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