Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 21

Their return

The next dawn, Lety and Merck packed their stuff.

“I’ll bring the bandits with me and tell the general about what we discussed yesterday.”

Said Merck with a cheerful smile.
He would’ve said that Raiz didn’t want to return to the army, and that it was necessary to protect him from now on.

“Be careful on the way home.”

“Don’t worry. These guys won’t be a problem.”

The knight pointed at the special unit behind him.
They weren’t only feeling dejected because of their failure, but even felt indebted to those who arrested them.

“Okay, time to go.”

Lety, who seemed really down, approached their wagon.
She was determined to bring Raiz back with them, but seeing his monsters having so much fun working made her feel bad.

He doesn’t want to make them fight again, huh…

She had always been friendly with them since she didn’t care about who or what her comrades were as long as they fought together, and after seeing their incredible abilities, it was only normal to think that they were necessary for war.
But thinking that they would someday return to the battlefield and leave this happiness behind, she felt disgusting.

They joined the army to stop the war, and now that it’s over, there’s no reason for them to take part in other battles…

She gave up.
She decided that if they had to fight, it should be their own choice.

“Ah, Lety, can you stay here? I’ll report everything to General Frida myself.”

“Eh? Why?”

Why she should’ve remained after deciding to abandon her mission?
His request was incomprehensible to her.

“Well, seems like spies from the neighbouring country are going after him, so someone must remain here to keep an eye on the situation.”

“What?! Really?!”

Lety didn’t know about his deal with Raiz, so she was sincerely surprised.

“Yes. I’ll ask the general to dispatch some knights to defend him, so I need you to stay here at least until they arrive.”

“B-But my stay is something that the general himself should decide…”

Lety was in turmoil.
Deep within, she was gleeful for this turn of events, but she wasn’t so selfish to accept it right away.

“Leave it to me! I think Raiz would feel more at ease if a friend is near him. Also, you know how important he is, so I’m sure you’ll do your best, will you not? How about it?”

She started to think about it.

Can I really stay here…?

“I’m sure he prefers you, right?”


The choice suddenly fell on the tamer, who looked bewildered.


Her gaze turned to him, and his astonishment only grew deeper.

“I guess so… yeah, I’d prefer you to some random guy.”


Merck winked at her.

“…Fine, I’ll do it!”

Even though she was struggling within, she ended up accepting.

“I’ll do my best, Raiz!”


She held out her hand and, when Raiz grabbed it, she started to shake it happily.

“Well then, it’s time to leave. Take care, guys.”

“You too, Merck.”

“Take care~!”

That’s how Lety, Raiz’s former comrade, stayed back and started to live in Dekuch.

A month later, in a certain mansion in the capital, a man was screaming.

“As a guaaard?!”

“Please, calm down, General Frida.”

The calm voice was obviously Merck’s.

“I should dispatch knights to protect him?! How dares he threaten the army?! I should just arrest him for treason!”

“In that case, former General Mard will know about what happened and His Majesty will also intervene.”


Merck was right. Even the King approved Raiz’s return.

By dismissing the strongest among tamers, Frida was in a delicate position.

“Also, I confirmed that spies hid in our faction and leaked him information.”


It wasn’t really true, but Merck didn’t know about Cat sith’s existence.

“Yes. Therefore, we should improve our condition first. Raiz accepted to not lay a finger on our special unit, but I think our top priority should be to find the spies.”

“Tch, it can’t be helped.”

They had to be prudent. Frida could only believe Merck’s speculations, or rather, in what Raiz had made Merck believe.

General Frida succeeded in his mission, but also had to do as the tamer wanted and send guards to protect him from the shadows. Furthermore, he now had to be aware of the existence of spies.

“Damn you, Raiz Tamer…! Someday I’ll beat you to death!”

He sounded like some villain underling.

I don’t think that will ever happen…

Thought Merck while looking at someone who hadn’t learned his lesson.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 20


“I’m home!”

After eating with Lety, Raiz returned to his guild.

“Welcome back!”

Merck happily greeted him.

“Wait, where’s Lety?”

Since they went out together, the man thought it was strange that she wasn’t with him.

“She said she’d return to the inn.”

“Ohh… I see.”

He didn’t look surprised.

“Is that fine? Weren’t you supposed to bring me back with you?”

“Well, yeah, but we can’t really force you to.”

The man seemed to deeply respect his friend’s choice.

“Is it true that the current general told you to not let me join the army again?”

Even though Merck was acting like that, Raiz knew what his real mission was.

“Who told you that? Lety?”

His voice’s tone rose slightly.
No one would’ve noticed it, but Raiz, who was used to read the expression and behavior of monsters, couldn’t miss it.

“A friend. He said there are people who don’t want me to come back.”

“Oh, is there someone who thinks so dearly of you?”

The man tried to act cool, but deep within he was in turmoil.

So, a spy of Mard was hiding in General Frida’s faction…? This is bad… What do I do now?

He was bewildered. If the army knew what he was ordered to do, once he got back he was probably going to be harassed by the old veterans, even though the tamer didn’t want to return in the first place.

To pick a fight with Raiz, some guys even put lots of frogs in his room once…

But the tamer reassured him.

“Don’t worry, Merck. I won’t come back in the army. I’ll just live here from now on.”

“…R-Really?! That’s good to hear!”

Said the other without thinking.

“By the way, the spy we seized the other day was from Serga, right?”

“Y-Yeah. I made him fall asleep and turned him in. Why are you asking?”

He knew what Raiz was going to say, so he started to become pale.

“The poison you took from him looked like the one you create.”

“W-What are you saying?!”

He was right. It would’ve been bad if he confirmed it, so Merck racked his brain to think about a way to cover it, but Raiz didn’t stop talking.

“Also, why would a country send only one spy?”


That was spot-on. He didn’t think about it.
After all, Merck was just a knight, not a tactician or a member of some special unit.
He was also young, so that detail totally slipped his mind.

“As soon as I seized the rest of them, they all decided to talk. Why would they bring poison with them if they came to recruit me?”

“Don’t you think it’s careless to believe them like that?! They were our enemies, Raiz!”

He honestly believed in his own words.
Trusting someone you were at war with for ten years was beyond naive.

Then, Raiz took a bottle from his breast pocket.

“What do you think this is?”

“T-The poison I took from that spy? Did you take it from my inn’s room?!”

Merck was starting to lose his composure as he raised his eyebrows in shock.

“Calm down, I didn’t do anything like that.”


The tamer snapped his fingers and a loud thud came from outside the hut… rather, since the building had no walls, it wasn’t possible to say the sound came from outside…

Merck turned his head and saw some guys in black clothes piled on the ground.
None of them was moving a finger, they were likely unconscious.
Still, the black clothes they wore were different from the ones seized by the shadow unit.

“Who are these guys?”

He wondered if they were from the neighboring country.

“They are part of the special unit of this country. They came to observe you.”


At first, he didn’t understand what Raiz said.
He was that shocked.

“I guess they came to see if you were doing your work properly. One of them had this.”

Thanks to Cat sith’s information network, Arachne’s threads and Dragon’s sporadic sightings of them when he went to thin monsters out in the forest, Raiz understood that they were from his own country.

He decided to ignore them at first, but after the situation degenerated, he asked his monsters to seize them.

“General Frida didn’t trust me…?”

His superior was incompetent, and he didn’t even trust him.
Merck couldn’t keep up with the situation and was now driven into a corner.

As a noble and a knight, I thought I had to obey my superiors to live peacefully in the army… but if Raiz was to come back, he wouldn’t find a warm welcome. Of course, he wouldn’t like that.

Thinking about it was useless now.
He still had to follow his general’s orders.

“Hey Merck, do you want to make a deal?”


Raiz broke the silence first.
What was he talking about?

“I’ll give you these guys, and in your report, you’ll say that you secured them as they tried to negotiate with me.”

“E-Eeeh?! W-What do you mean?!”

Merck was baffled. He was the only one going to benefit from that.

“I don’t want to return to the army, and they don’t want me to return either. That means we share the same point of view on the matter.”

“Still, these spies told me to join theirs. That’s bad for you guys, right?”

“Yes, pretty bad.”

The former General Mard was especially worried about that.

“Then, let the army defend me so that I can’t be targeted by other countries.”


He stared at his friend in wonder.

“I’ll forget about the poison. Also, since the army doesn’t want me and I don’t want to join another country’s, you can only protect me, right?”

“This won’t work! General Frida won’t accept something like that!”

If Raiz was fired because of the maintenance costs, why would the general use that much money and manpower just for him?
If Merck offered such a proposal to his superior, he would be degraded for sure.

“I’ve already tarnished our special unit’s reputation. This means that, in the end, no one can assassinate me. Do you get what I mean?”


Finally, Merck understood what he was saying.

Even if General Frida sends more spies, they’d just get destroyed. That would also mean that Raiz might move to another country and become our enemy. Furthermore, the General is going against the King and the General’s concession, so he would be ruined. Is that what who provided information to Raiz aimed at?!

The tamer could prepare his escape in twenty-four hours. He just had to gather his monsters, put them on Dragon’s back, and wait for the night to arrive.
Reaching someone who could fly was impossible even for high-skilled assassins or special units.
If things took that direction, the actual general would have been replaced.

I also have to decide for my future…

“Okay. I accept your proposal. I will support you as much as I can.”

He could use this information to blackmail the general and become his close aide.

These spies are proof that there’s someone who leaked information. I’ll report that their life was spared thanks to my actions and that they won’t bother Raiz again. This will be a huge profit for me, and if I become the vice-general, it’s probable that I will get become general after Frida retires! Raiz will also gain from this situation!

Merck didn’t have any ideals, he only thought about living peacefully.
That’s why he got closer to Raiz, who was a source of profit, and accepted to follow his inept general’s orders.
He was an opportunist to his core.

“Now, let’s have a toast to commemorate this deal! It’s on me!”

“No thanks, I just had lunch.”

Raiz immediately turned down the merry Merck’s invitation.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 19

TL note: sorry, I mistook the inn’s owner gender. We already fixed it in the last chapter.

…so she tried to buy some and that attracted quite the number of customers, so now she’s a regular. <— became “…so he tried to buy some and that attracted quite the number of customers, so now he’s a regular.”

Didn’t you hear the inn’s owner? <— became “Didn’t you hear that woman?”

The flavor of happiness

“Raiz, why here…?”

He chose an inn Lety had seen before.
Or rather, she saw its back door.

“Because the most popular monster cuisine in the city is served right here.”

The moment they entered, the strong smell in the air made their mouth water.

“Welcome! Oh, it’s you! Nice, you even brought your girlfriend?!”

A man in his late thirties came out of the kitchen.


Lety poke Raiz’s side with her elbow.

“Ouch! What was that about?!”


She looked annoyed.

“I don’t get it, but fine. Mister, two cockatrice’s omelets, please!”

“Right away!”

The man showed them to their table and made Lety seat.

“Here, lady.”

“T-Thank you. Raiz, do you always eat here?”

“Not every day, but I come here often.”

“I see…”

She fell silent.

“Here’s your cockatrice’s omelets!”

“That was fast!”

An elliptical, yellow food filled the plate that was placed in front of her.

“How did you make this in less than five minutes?!”

She asked in surprise.

“Well, this is the most requested dish, so we prepare some in advance!”

This time, the answer came from the woman who accepted cockatrice’s eggs before.


“Hello again, Miss. My omelets are the best in the world, so take your time and enjoy them.”

Without further ado, she went back in the kitchen.

“She’s the wife of the owner’s father. She doesn’t only help in the kitchen, but she also works as a waitress when they need some help.”

“I see.”

“Let’s dig in before it gets cold.”

Raiz handed over a fork and a spoon.


She took the spoon and tried to cut the omelet. It was so soft that she cut it without problems.
It was letting out a strong, delicious smell.

“Hope you like it.”

With a sense of wariness, she brought a spoonful of that apparently normal omelet to her mouth.


At first, a syrupy feeling filled her mouth.

It looks firm from the outside, but it’s actually half-cooked within!

Because of that, a sweet flavor spread on her tongue, and when she tried to chew it, a new wave of sweetness assaulted her mouth.

There are chopped vegetables in it… Carrot, onion, cabbage! This is really pleasant to chew, and even someone who hates them would find this dish delicious!

Lety started to feel grateful to the inn’s friendly owner.

I wonder how does this part taste…

She took a spoonful right from the middle of the omelet.

“Yum…! Mh?!”

Her body stiffened at the unexpected flavor.

Is this… meat?!

The inner part of the dish hid minced beef.

After a sea of egg and vegetables, is this where the last boss resides?!

Lety’s face relaxed.

What is this meat? It’s not a cow’s, a pig’s or even fish’s… I tasted snake and frog in the army, but it isn’t any of them either…!

“Raiz, what is this meat?!”

She couldn’t find an answer and asked him right away.

“It’s decapitating rabbit’s.”


She was astonished.
As the name suggests, that monster used its long, sharp teeth to decapitate its preys.
They are small, fast and usually aim to vital spots. They’re not strong, but since they are rabbits, they tend to move in groups.
If a battle lasts for too long, they call out for their companions that will jump simultaneously to their prey’s neck. They are in the top five causes of death of new adventurers.

“I didn’t know they tasted this good.”

That terrible monster was now a common, delicious bunny.

“They get seasoned in advance. They are simmered and then mixed with the vegetables to obtain this unique flavor.”

“Mixing them is brilliant, since they balance each other, and the meat gets more tender. But since it takes a long time, they make it in large quantities, right?”

Lety was happy from the bottom of her heart.
The diet of a knight was based on plain food, and in war she never knew what she would eat.
The army usually preferred food with high nutritional level, so the flavor wasn’t really important for them.


Before she knew it, she had emptied her plate.
Raiz looked at her sad look.

“Wanna order another one?”

“Eh? Really?! Yes, please!”

Since this wasn’t the army’s canteen, Lety immediately called the waitress and ordered another omelet.

“Will they be fast like before~?”

She asked while playing with her spoon.

“Hey, Raiz.”


“Are you happy with working with your monsters in this city?”

She wanted to hear his answer, but she was a little afraid of it.

I’m sure this is the right moment to ask. If he is, I’ll have to find the courage to accept it.

She asked in the spur of the moment, but it was necessary for her to understand his true intentions.

“Yes, I’m happy. I’m making the most of this opportunity, and the people are starting to open up with us.”

“…I see.”

He replied without hesitation, and her expectations crumbled so easily that it left a sour taste in her mouth.


She looked at the new omelet that was placed in front of her and started to eat it.

“It’s delicious.”

“Yeah, it really is.”

“It’s so good… I’m sad.”

The time she enjoyed her meal with her friend ended in the blink of an eye.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 18

Raiz’s job – The town

“Hello~! I brought Cockatrice’s eggs~!”

Raiz was knocking at the back door of an inn located in the main street of Dekuch.
After some clattering sounds, a chubby woman opened it.

“I’ve been waiting for you~! Today there’s a lot of orders for them. If you were late, I’d have gone grabbing some myself.”

“Sorry, I always have a hard time when I collect these, but I’m glad I could make it in time. How many do you need?”

“Uhm… Three, please. The place is quite crowded.”

“Here, thank you!”

Raiz unloaded the eggs from the wagon and handed them over.
At first sight, he looked like a delivery guy from some animal husbandry, the only difference being that those eggs were ten times bigger than a chicken’s.

“You really came here to sell them… I didn’t expect an inn to buy them.”

“Yeah, this inn has the best cuisine when it comes to cockatrice’s eggs dishes. The owner of this place, who’s also a master chef, was pretty interested, so he tried to buy some and that attracted quite the number of customers, so now he’s a regular.”

“It’s pretty rare to find someone who cooks them, you know? People are curious to know how they taste!”

The woman brought the articles in the store nonchalantly, then exited again and handed over a leather bag.

“Here. Make sure there’s everything.”

He took it and started to count the money.

“A silver coin and fifty copper coins. Nothing is missing.”

He pocketed his payment and returned the leather bag to the woman, who glanced at Lety.

“By the way, who’s that girl? She’s pretty and dressed nicely! Don’t tell me she’s…”

She raised her pinky to allude to something.


The soldier tilted her head without understanding what she meant.

“She’s just an old colleague.”

“How boring! A man shouldn’t be indecisive!”

The woman started to slap him on the back with her hand.

“Let’s talk about it when it happens.”

“What are you saying?! Youth ends before you know! It’s now or never!”

“Hahaha, I’ll do it sooner or later.”


Taken aback by his answer, she let her hand fall back to her side.

“Well then, we’re off.”

“I’ll call you again when we run out of eggs!”

Raiz kept waving his hand while returning to the wagon. When he looked at Lety’s face, she was looking angrily at him.

“What’s up?”

“A cockatrice’s egg for fifty copper coins?”

Normally, ten chicken’s eggs were worth ten copper coins.
Cockatrice’s eggs were ten times bigger than them, so their price should have raised accordingly, but Raiz was actually selling them at five times their hypothetical price.

Still, thinking about how dangerous was to collect them, fifty copper coins were ridiculously few.
The one who laid them could turn people into stone, after all.
Not to mention how big and deadly were its claws and attacks.
Running for your life only to gain fifty copper coins was crazy.

“Well, Cockatrice isn’t too aggressive, and I know how to collect her eggs, so it isn’t that hard for me.”

“But she attacks you anyway! If you make a wrong move, you might be seriously injured!”

The memories of what happened before sent shivers down her spine.

“Well, I want to strengthen my connections in the city.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Didn’t you hear that woman? Now cockatrice’s eggs are a specialty of this city, and people love those kinds of things. Once that shop makes a name for itself, merchants and adventurers might start coming here only to taste them. The Dragon Express’ last stop is here in Dekuch, so don’t you think people might use it to taste this rarity? And the brand, little by little, might extend to other shops around the city.”

Raiz explained carefully why he priced them so cheaply.

“So, you’re trying to become someone necessary for this city?”

He nodded firmly.

“Are you kidding?! Why are you wasting your time?! Isn’t returning to the army thousands of times better than this?! If it’s a matter of money, we can discuss it!”

Raiz understood that she really wanted him again with them.
He knew, thanks to Cat Sith’s information, that she only wanted the best for him.
Still, hearing it from someone else and from the person in question ware totally different things for him.

The only ones who didn’t treat me differently were Lety and Merck…

He remembered well when they first met.
No one cared about the intimidating guy who used monsters as weapons.
There were others like him, but, thanks to his powerful beasts, he was a step above even them.

Raiz knew very well that being too powerful had its downsides, but those two were exceptions. They didn’t care about his reputation and got closer to him anyway.
Lety wanted to have a match with his dragon, and Merck acknowledged his monsters’ strategic value.
They ended up being very important comrades for him.

“While we’re here, wanna see my monsters at work?”


Then, he pointed in front of them.
Lety looked in that direction wondering what he was talking about.
Then, she saw a dressed humanoid bird, a kikimora.

“Is that another of your monsters?”

“Yes, she is a great weaver. She is really good with her hands.”

“A weaver? But isn’t it a monster?”

She was puzzled.
Usually monsters are dreadful, that’s why tamers tried to tame those who held powerful combat abilities.

“Yes, but she never participated in a battle. When she went to help an old weaver, the woman was so satisfied with her skills that asked her to keep working in her shop.”

“That’s great.”

Lety couldn’t help but nod at his words.

“Yeah, it’s said that even the other wavers were really impressed by her skills, and she’s currently recreating patterns, clothes and embroidery techniques from different countries. I’m not an expert in that field, though.”

“That’s amazing!”

She was so enthusiastic that she started to yank him.

She’s psyched. Do girls like this kind of stuff?

“Why don’t we ask her for a sample?”


Since she was so happy, Raiz thought that letting her see how hard his monsters were working would improve her mood even more.

“C’mon, let’s see what my other subordinates are doing.”


After they finished checking how everyone was doing, Lety’s fiery nature quelled.
While they were walking, she tried to start a conversation.

“Seems like they’re having fun.”

“Yeah, and the citizens are not that scared by them anymore.”

“I couldn’t contain myself when I saw Unicorn so popular with grannies.”

Witnessing his despair when surrounded by old women, she couldn’t suppress her laughter.

“They all looked so happy…”

Whispered her while wearing a complex expression and bringing a hand to her chest.
She was ordered to bring him back for the country’s sake.
She knew that was the right thing to do.

But they’re happy here, and so are the citizens…

She was astonished by that.
She only saw monsters on the battlefield, where they were merciless beasts.
Lords of the sky, destroyers of the earth, rulers of the water.
They showed their destructive power to allies and foes alike.

She couldn’t believe that they could spend time so peacefully with normal citizens.

I thought fighting was the only things they could do… but Raiz’s monsters are different. What am I here for, then? To bring them back to the battlefield and steal their smile?

A choice laid before her: listen to her heart and make Raiz rejoin the army, or leave and let those monsters live peacefully.
She didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, are you hungry? Wanna grab a bite?”


His sudden question brought her back to reality.

“Since you came this far, you should taste something you can eat only here!”

She would have remembered that meal forever.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 17

Raiz’s job – Ranch management

Raiz, today you’ll come back with us!”

Hey, Lety, Merck.”

The day after the shadow unit captured Serga’s special forces, the tamer’s old comrades showed up again.

You are welcome, Lady Lety, Mister Merck.”

Lamia showed them in politely, and the man greeted her back.

Good morning.”

Raiz! You were once part of our army, so you should understand your role, don’t you?! This country needs a capable soldier like you to avoid another war!”

He quietly listened to her, but he already knew what she was going to say.
He asked Cat Sith to keep observing them, after all.
They would’ve tried to convince him to return to the army by saying that he would be rewarded adequately for his merits.

Sorry, but I’m busy this morning. I appreciate your efforts, though. Do you want to come to see me at work?”

If you came back, there would be no need…!”

Lety, we shouldn’t hinder his work. Everyone has to work, so we would only cause problems to other people.”

Merck properly admonished the flamboyant woman.

Right. If I don’t go to work, I’ll get sued for breaching the contract, and I’ll have to pay a huge amount of money. If the army is going to pay for me, then I’ll seriously think about your proposal. Keep in mind that, to regain the lost trust, the actual sum will grow several times the original amount.

Several times?!”

Her body stiffened as she tried to imagine how much that would have been.

I have to go now. Feel free to come with me, if you want.”

Without waiting for their reply, Raiz left the hut.

Hey, wait! We haven’t…”

Why don’t we go to see what he’s going to do? Even though he doesn’t want to come back, he’s at least busy with something.”


Maybe she already foresaw the situation, so she quietly listened to her companion.

A-A cockatrice?!”

In front of them, the frightening monster that could petrify with its gaze was laying in its nest.
Those with a high magic resistance had nothing to worry about, but it posed a real threat to anyone else.
Lety and Merck couldn’t help but hide from it in a panic.

Don’t worry, her eyes are half-closed.”

So what?!”

Both replied in a shocked tone.

Cockatrices can weaken their power by half-closing their eyes. It can’t petrify anyone right now, not even you guys.”

The two soldiers tilted their heads, dumbfounded.
The monster really had its eyes half-closed, as if it was glaring at them.

I didn’t know they could do that.”

Neither did I. What a surprise.”

Well, usually don’t do that intentionally.”

Raiz left the two behind and approached Cockatrice, then he slipped beneath her feathered belly.

What are you doing?”

Asked a surprised Lety.

I’m sure it’s cozy in there.”

Cockatrice’s plumage keeps you warm on cold days.”

Lamia replied seriously to Merck’s joke.

Thinking about it, a mattress stuffed with its feathers must feel great.”

And then, she thought about a new business move.

Wouldn’t you need a huge one, though?”

Asked Lety after seeing one of the enormous feathers scattered around.

But why is Raiz under her right now?”

Merck asked Lamia who pointed at the monster in front of them.

Look carefully. There’s only one reason.”

They faced that direction again only to see Raiz bringing a huge egg with him.

I see, you only wanted its egg.”

Yes, but the crucial part starts now.”

The crucial part?”

They asked while wearing a quizzical expression, then, all of a sudden, a loud, strange roar pierced their ears.

W-What?! What’s going on?!”

Raiz dashed away from there and passed by them at full speed.

Run! Cockatrice is going berserk!”

As Lamia warned them, she was already far away.

Eh…? Whaaat?!”


The monster unleashed another thunderous roar.


The two started to run for their lives.
Behind them, Cockatrice spread her wings and chased them.

I-It’s flying! It’s gonna swoop on us!”

No, it’s not flying, it’s gliding! Cockatrices are like chickens, they can’t fly!”

Who caaares!”

Behind them, a loud sound of flapping wings preceded each attack of the monster.
The two soldiers were traumatized by that experience.

Don’t worry, Cockatrice is not very smart. She will move around for a while, then she will forget about this and return to her nest.”

Raiz was carefully washing their loot in the hut.

Thank you, guys. You were a great decoy. Today’s catch went flawlessly.”


Usually, we have to ask fast monsters to help, but you’re well trained.”

Praised them Lamia cheerfully.


Lety wanted to punch Raiz with all her strength, but she had no more energy after running around so much.

We’re gonna sell this egg in town. Are you tired or do you want to tag along?”

Asked Raiz, as he loaded the egg onto a wagon.
Lety immediately regained her energy and stood up.

Of course we’re coming!”

I’ll take a break for now. Catch up with you later.”

On the other hand, Merck couldn’t move and was sprawled on the ground.

Okay, let’s go.”

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 16

TL note: Actually, Arachne captured only one person. We already fixed it. My apologies.

Those who hide in the forest

Raiz had two kinds of subordinates.

The first one was composed of monster with sheer strength as their main characteristic.
Dragon, Lamia, Treant and Dryad belonged to this group, along with other.
Their abilities shone on the battlefield, and they were recognized as a valuable fighting force.

What about the others? They mainly acted in the shadows.
For example, Cat sith could gather a frightening amount of information despite his uselessness on the battlefield, and Arachne possessed top-notch restraining skills. There were many monsters that could use their abilities while hiding.
Among them, the most proficient ones were part of the shadow unit.
Some were known only by a few people of the army, while others were known only by their tamer.
Raiz ordered them to move, and so they raised the curtains on their stage.

Meanwhile, in the Forest of Monsters, the domain of creatures that didn’t like the presence of humans…

Sam was captured.”

Said a figure fully dressed in black clothes. Its comrades, who were dressed in a similar way, shivered. It was hard to understand if that voice belonged to a man or a woman, probably because of some sort of alteration.

His monsters did it.”

As expected from a talented man. I guess he could sense our presence and move his pieces accordingly thanks to his military training.”

Captain, what should we do with Sam?”

Kill him. It will be bad if Tend citizens were to know that we are involved.”

The captain ordered for their comrade disposal without a second thought.

He was taken into custody by Tend’s knights. It’s probable that they would notice something if we kill him.”

Then kill everyone. Dead men tell no tales.
If we can bring our real target home, no one will know the truth.”

Five black-dressed figures started to head silently toward the city.

Those suspicious men, Serga’s special forces, were now in charge of scouting Raiz.
Their mission was to persuade the tamer to join their ranks, and if he were to refuse, they had to dispose of him in secrecy.

I wonder if he will really accept. I mean, weren’t we enemies during the war?”

Who knows. Still, even though he fought for this country, he was driven away by some incompetent general without being even acknowledged as a hero. He’s supposed to bear some grudges against them, so I don’t think he will be loyal to that army.”

Raiz’s sudden dismissal was never made public by Tent, but thanks to their espionage skills, Serga’s soldiers knew about it.

Still, to keep an eye on the main reason of our defeat is…”

Another one voiced its discontent.

Soldiers live only to carry out their superiors’ orders. They can even join the enemy’s forces if necessary.”

But what’s the point of joining the ranks of a kingdom that’s on its knees? Thinking about it rationally, there’s nothing to earn from that. Our army is exhausted, and if I was him, I might change my mind only for a huge sum of money…”

That’s our superior’s job. We only have to fulfill our mission, nothing more.”

Those words were a signal.
They remained silent, but one of them noticed that something was off.


The figure tried to ask its companions if they felt the same thing, but…


It was trying to speak, but nothing came out of its mouth.
Feeling that something strange was happing, the others attempted to do the same, but no one could produce even a whisper.
The world around them was devoid of sounds.
The insects’ noise, the beasts’ call, the rustling of leaves: nothing could be heard.
Silence ruled over everything.

The soldiers got closer to each other and formed a ring to defend from the incoming enemy.
As they peered into the shadows, their leader stood on guard at the center of the formation.
Usually, they would follow its instructions, but because of the situation, they just kept scanning their surroundings.
Then, they were shocked by another fact.

The crescent moon dimly lit their surroundings, so they thought this was the chance to see what was happening around them.
Still, it was like they were blindfolded.


Blinded and deafened, they started to tremble.
They were highly trained, but this situation was totally out of their expectations.
They couldn’t observe their surroundings anymore, and confused as they were, they wondered what was going on and how their comrades were doing.
Still, relying on their remaining senses, they tried to feel any occurring change.

A sweet scent filled the air.
They tried to recall if they smelled it before, but their legs ceased to support them, and they fell to the ground.

Panic gripped their hearts.

One of them thought that some medicine could be behind all of this, but when he tried to tell the others, its soundless voice reached no one.
It tried to take an antidote, but its arms couldn’t move.
A few moments later, their whole bodies were paralyzed, and they lost consciousness.

The darkness dispersed, and monsters walked out from the forest.

Mission complete.”

Great job~”

It went well!”

They started to praise each other’s doing in a cheerful mood.
A half-human, half-spider monster, a humongous mushroom with limbs, a tiny winged human-shaped creature, and a beast so black that it seemed covered with ink.
They were Raiz’s shadow unit.

What are we gonna do with them~?”

Asked Pixie while swaddling one of the collapsed human’s heads with Arachne’s thread.
Pixies are known as mischievous fairies, but they’re also talented wind users.
He obstructed the sound’s propagation, causing that surreal silence.

Can I make some mushrooms grow on them?”

Asked Matango. This monster is literally a huge mushroom.
It can’t move keenly, but it can produce spores from its cap that paralyze other creatures.


The ink-black creature warned Matango to stop.

Uwah! Okay, fine. I’ll just follow our boss’ orders.”

Black dog was a big, frightening monster that usually appears in cemeteries.
He caused the humans to lose their sight by filling their vision with shadows.

I’ll carry these guys. You can carry the ones we seized before to our Master.”

I’ll leave it to you~! I can’t do a thing myself, so I’ll just go back home.”

Said Pixie while entrusting his duty to his comrades and flying up in the sky.

Fine. Let’s get to work.”


While Matango surrendered to its fate, Black dog barked.

Oh, will you help me?”

The hound nodded and extended its shadow beneath the humans, who slowly sunk in the blackness.

Okay, let’s go~!”

They started to head back home after Arachne’s command.
They were looking forward to their master’s praises.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 15

Need a hero

It happened a month before.

An expensive rug was spread on the floor, and affixed on the walls were metal armours, swords, and shields. On the other side, huge paintings and various decorations coloured the room.
Dozens of money bags wouldn’t have been nearly enough to buy all of that.

The one who owned all of that sat on a chair, as to look down at people from its highness.

Someone knocked on the door.

Come in.”

Said him sitting beyond an arranged table.

Knight Merck Zeit, at your service.”

Introduced himself the man.

You are welcome, future viscount.”

Don’t address me like that, General Frida.”

Merck looked at the man who leaned his back on the throne.

Why not? You will become one eventually. Anyway, I have a favour to ask you.”

What might it be?”

Frida got on his feet and approached the knight.

Mard, the former general, asked His Majesty to make Raiz Tamer join the army again.”

He pronounced the word ‘former’ with a lot of emphasis.


“‘His monster army frightened other countries and acted as a repellent. Dismissing it was a foolish move’, he said.”

Frida looked annoyed.

It was quite stupid, indeed.

Merck shared the same opinion as Mard.

The man in front of him didn’t have any combat experience.
As the son of an influential noble, he became a royal knight without stepping into a real battlefield even once.
As the name suggests, a royal knight was the last line of defence of the capital.
It should have been the most important role, filled with the strongest warriors.
But a capital was the last place to attack in war.

Usually, the strongest were called to help the front lines.
Thanks to that, the royal knights became ridiculous shadows of real knights. It was a brigade filled with utterly incompetent people…

Yes, ‘incompetent’ was the only word to define the man who stood in front of Merck.

Our glorious army doesn’t need any tamer! Also, what knight would rely on filthy monsters?!”

If it wasn’t for him, this country would have been conquered long ago.

Thought Merck, but since he was standing in front of his momentary boss, he let the conversation move on.

You are a keen observer, General.”

He lied to meet his expectations.
Never going against a superior was the key of success and longevity.

I knew you could understand me! I couldn’t expect less from viscount Zeit’s son!”

Merck’s eyebrow twitched imperceptibly, and the man in front of him, who was oblivious to that reaction, kept talking.

I want you to join the knight sent by Mard and prevent Raiz to join the army again!”

Yes, sir!”

I hate this. I don’t want to hinder a friend’s duty and Raiz’s return…

Thinking that, he started to understand the feeling of betraying a friend.

Still, work is work.

That’s it, Meowster. I acquired this information from a cat sith who lives in the capital, so it can’t be wrong.”

Cat siths barely had any combat ability. They were speaking cats, after all.
Still, even though they looked like useless creatures, they hid an amazing ability.
They could share their consciousness among themselves.
They could get in touch and exchange information with each other even at a great distance.
Raiz tried to ask Cat Sith how it works, but he replied that it was the keystone of their trading business, so he couldn’t just explain that.

I see. Seems like the army is falling apart.”

A political strife right after a war? What a bunch of idiots.

Also, the men that Arachne has caught are spies from the neighbour kingdom. They had to keep an eye on you, Meowster.”

They were scouts? Not assassins?”


Raiz let out a deep sigh.
While scratching the cat’s chin with his fingers, he started to think about his next move.

Let’s take care of those shady troublemakers first.”

Purr…? Are you serious?”

Cat sith smiled at Raiz while purring.

Yes. It’s been a while since I mobilized the shadow unit.”

The time for his counterattack had come.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 14

Two options

Raiz, someone is going after you.”

Stated Merck, his former comrade, and the next moment Arachne brought the suspicious guy she had just caught.

He looks like a civilian, but has calluses on his hands. He probably has combat experience.”

Added Merck after examining the man.
They decided to move the body beyond the hill so that the carpenters couldn’t see it.

Can’t he be a farmer or an adventurer?”

No, his muscles don’t match farmers’ builds. He would be more credible as an adventurers, but his equipment is something an assassin would wear.”

He took a black dagger and a little bottle filled with a hideous liquid from their clothes.

Black knives are used to avoid the reflection of light on the blade, and this is undoubtedly poison.
He wasn’t hanging around your ranch to go after some villager or merchant.”

Tension started to build up along with his words.

Raiz! Just come back with us! We won’t know when it might be too late!”

Lety tried to persuade him desperately, her face already pale.
Her reaction wasn’t something expected from a simple former co-worker.

…I have to think about it. I still have some stuff I must take care of.”

Who cares about it! Someone is trying to kill you!”

She insisted firmly, but he simply shut his eyes and ignored her.

Lety, don’t force him. He needs some time to think.”


I also want him to join the army again, but forcing him is no good.”


Even though she was so opposed until a moment before, Merck managed to calm her down.

Raiz, we’ll bring this guy with us to the city. We’ll settle in some inn for a little while, so if you change your mind about our proposal, feel free to come. Of course, we will also come to check how things are doing here.”

We’ll come here every single day!”

Lety was dead-set on convincing Raiz, but she had no choice but to give up for today.
After informing the tamer, they finally left the ranch.

Lord Raiz, what will you do?”

Lamia looked at his master with an anxious expression.
The monsters didn’t trust the army that fired them, and some were even hostile to it.

Well, let’s see… I don’t want to return for now.”

The presents let out a sigh of relief.

Anyway, where did he come from?”

He wondered out loud thoughtfully.

Maybe someone sent them from the Kingdom of Serga.”

Raiz nodded at Lamia’s guess.
Still, he didn’t seem to be satisfied.

That might be possible.”

Is there something that doesn’t feel right?”

No, I was just thinking about Merck and Lety’s proposal. Does the army really want me back?”

I don’t understand human’s wars, but I do understand that they would seek for powerful allies.”

Lamia was a monster, but thanks to her half-human side, she had the intelligence and flexibility to understand humans.

It would be great if people acted and moved by reason only…”

Still, there are some parts of what they said that feel suspicious.

He didn’t want to worry his subordinates even more, so he kept that thought for himself.
The presents glanced at him one after the other, but even Lamia didn’t seem to notice anything.

Well, I don’t want to return to the army. We even started a serious business here! Also, I can’t leave this place until Dragon’s gear is fully paid!”

Hearing the monsters chuckle, Raiz relaxed.
Now that the war ended, he didn’t want to make his dear subordinates fight again.

You’re right. Oh, and now that the carpenters are building us a new house, it would be a shame to leave it empty!”


Warmed by the light of a bonfire, Raiz looked up at the sky.
It was a beautiful, cloudless evening.

A meow reached his ears.

Are you back?”

He turned to face a lovely cat covered by a soft fur.

Cat Sith repurrting for duty.”

The cat stood on his hind legs and climbed on Raiz’s lap.

Have you found out anything?”

The monster faced Raiz and extended his paw without uttering a word.


The tamer moved his hand without thinking and pressed on the cat’s squishy paw.

Purr~! Oh yes, a massage…! No, I mean, yessshhh!”

He rose both his ears and tail while hissing.

Sorry, I was fooling around.”

Raiz then took some dried meat from a leather bag and handed it over.

Thank you, Meowster.”

Cat Sith was different from the other monsters.
He agreed to report useful information periodically in exchange for payment.
There weren’t many monsters that acted like this, and tamers like Raiz were more inclined to use big monsters.

So, do you have any information for me?”

Raiz asked again while the monster bit its reward.
He rose his paw slowly.

Of course. I found out something amazing, Meowster.”

That was a long night for the tamer.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 13

Call from an old place

I-It’s been a while, Raiz.”

The girl’s face flushed all of a sudden.


She was fidgeting awkwardly, so he greeted her with a friendly tone.

Hey mister, do you know those ladies?”


The carpenters asked Raiz about its relationship with the newcomers.
Merck was shocked about being addressed as a girl, but it wasn’t the first time, given the delicate features of his visage.

The tamer smiled wryly.

Yes, they are my former comrades.”

Really? They’re pretty serious if they came so far only to meet you.”

The master carpenter noticed that Raiz didn’t want to talk about his past.
He thought it was better to not ask anything and leave them alone.

Guys, the break has ended! Let’s go back to work!”


The workers replied with a cheerful voice and immediately returned to their workstation.
Raiz was really grateful for his consideration. After they all left, he once again faced his former comrades.

Why were you searching for me? How are things going in the army?”

Lety straightened her back as she looked at him.

That’s exactly why we are here! Come back to us!”


He declined her offer bluntly.


She squeaked in surprise.

Because I don’t want to come back when they fired me. How could you even think about it?”

He blurted out the last part listlessly.
The army coldly drove him away but was now begging for his forgiveness.
He bet they were asking him that only because the Dragon Express was quite profitable.

I-I heard about that, but it’s an order from General Mard!”

General Mard?”

Raiz frowned when he heard that name.

Didn’t he retire?”

He remembered that he retired due to his age after the end of the war.
The one who succeeded him was an incompetent officer, the one who fired Raiz.
He couldn’t be blamed for having this kind of reaction.

Mard heard that you were driven away and scolded his successor harshly, telling him that he didn’t even know the meaning of ‘deterrence’.”

Merck tried to explain why the general wanted Raiz back.

That’s why we came here personally to ask you to join us again.”

I see.”

But Raiz didn’t sound interested in the matter.

What’s with you! You will finally return to the army! Rejoice!”

Lety pouted at his discontent.

Raiz, everyone in the army thinks that what has happened to you is unfair. Actually, each of the warriors that fought alongside you wishes to have you with us again.”

He tried to persuade him while trying to calm Lety down.

I’m sure that a lot of people who can’t think about the future, thought of you as a hindrance, given the number of subordinates you have. But His Majesty himself permitted your reintegration, so don’t worry about what some noble or soldier thinks.”

The King, huh?”

Raiz was a commoner, so he didn’t become emotional when the King was named.
He joined the army only to get fame and wealth, after all.
Oh, and also for his monsters’ food expense.

Tamers and soldiers were treated differently.
Even showing the best he could do, he was never rewarded properly.
Some acknowledged his worth, but no one talked about his efforts or actions even during important ceremonies.

Knights descendants from nobles and the new general only thought about the room Raiz’s monsters took up, and scorned him to the point that the Lord of the thousand beasts became the laughing stock of the entire army.
That’s also how normal people started to see tamers as bizarre entities.
Furthermore, the heads of the army intentionally manipulated some information to use Raiz’s potential to its fullest.

Sorry, but I’m satisfied with my new life. I have no intention of coming back with you.”

It looked like Raiz didn’t give it much thought. While Merck smiled wryly and Lety tried to control her boiling anger.

Mister Merck, Miss Lety, would you like some water?”

Dryad offered them some water, and the tension loosened.

O-Oh, hello Dryad. It’s been a while, how are you?”

I’m fine, thank you. I’m sorry for offering you only this, but we don’t have tea.”

Don’t worry, we had to came here on a forced march, so this is more than enough.”

Merck thanked her as he brought the glass to his lips.

Ah, your water is really special.”

Thank you.”

He gave the glass back to her and looked at the monsters who were resting leisurely at the ranch.

I heard about the Dragon Express. It’s a great success, isn’t it?”

Raiz tried to answer vaguely. He knew that Lety would voice her anger if he gave her the chance to strike.

It’s not going bad, I guess.”

You should be careful.”

Merck moved his gaze over him with a serious face.

Raiz, someone is going after you.”

My Lord~!”

A girlish voice reached them, and when they turned, Arachne was approaching them while carrying a big, white lump with her.
The upper part of her body was a human’s, and her lower half was a spider’s.

These suspicious guys have weapons, so I caught them~!”


An strange mood fell on the presents.

You already took care of them, huh.”

Merck lowered his head slightly, embarrassed for the seriousness he had shown a few moments before.

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Monsters’ Guild – Chapter 12

Let’s build a house

Bam, bam, bam!
The sound of hammering echoed in the air.

Raiz and his comrades were working at the construction site where the new Monsters’ Delivery’s base would be built.
Since their former office was destroyed by the storm, they needed a new one.

The carpenter did him a favor regarding the payment time, but Raiz was both grateful and sorry at the same time.
Given the circumstances, he periodically tried to help his lifesaver, trying to cover at least the basic expenses. He also offered Lamia’s wages, but her salary wasn’t really great, so Dragon’s earnings became fundamental.

We need to pay the carpenters as soon as we can. We should try not to be a bother.

They all knew that the workers’ life was quite stressful, so Raiz was racking his brain to find more ways to earn money and settle his debt.
But the workers in question looked satisfied.

“Lamia, I need to come down, can you help me?”


A busy worker called her from the second floor, so Lamia prolonged on her tail and squeezed him from behind to make sure he wouldn’t slip and fall down.


The man seemed in bliss from the moment her arms embraced him to the moment he was released.
None of them cared about the delayed payment at all.

“Guyyys~! Why don’t you take a break~? I brought some fruit that Treant harvested in the forest~!”

Suggested Dryad, showing them a barrel filled with water she made by entangling her vines.

“Sure! Hey, you all! Let’s take a break!”


After the master carpenter’s order, the workers started to leave the building under construction and headed toward the girl for some refreshments.

“Maaan, your water is so good, Dryad!”

“It’s just water,” she chuckled.

“No, for real! It’s nothing like boiled well water!”

They were only trying to flatter her but were actually right. The water she brought wasn’t normal.
It was morning dew enhanced with her magical power, which helped the recovery from fatigue and also replenished magical energy.
They weren’t aware that if bought from a magic tool shop, a single cup would have been worth one silver coin.

“Sir, how much will it take to complete the house?”

Raiz asked the master carpenter.

“Let’s see. Given the size, it would take around half a year, but if you and your monsters keep helping us, we might finish two or three months earlier.”

The monsters volunteered to help, and they were doing a wonderful job.

For example, Entering the forest to cut down trees was dangerous because monsters would attack people, so Raiz’s subordinates took their place.
Also, they would have had to wait for the wood to dry inside out, but Dekuch was located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Tend, where the rainy season was a big deal.

Drying timber was a process that took both time and money.
Thanks to Raiz’s monsters, that process was highly hastened.
The trees were brought to a hut where Salamander had lit a fire, and Harpy flapped the hot air over the wood to make it dry earlier.
That way, the waiting time was drastically decreased.

Also, thanks to Treants and Minotaurs’ strength, more material could be transported at once, and little monsters like kobolds helped with simple tasks according to the carpenters’ instructions, letting the workers focus on precision work.

“Tell us if you need help. It’s our job, after all.”

The master carpenter said cheerfully to the working Minotaurs.

“Shouldn’t we lighten your workload?”

“Stupid! We hired you to help us, not to let you steal our work!”

He’s right, thought Raiz.

An expert relied a lot on its sixth sense, and its way of doing things was greatly different from an apprentice’s.
Learning how to do it properly took time and honing one’s skills was a process of trial and error.
Gathering many experienced craftsmen was usually the best way to create something amazing.

“We won’t mind some help from strong volunteers.”

“Leave it to me!”

Said the master carpenter as he started to choose the better suited men for the task.

If we learn enough from them, we might be able to repair our new house if it breaks. In that case, the repairing fee wouldn’t be very high.

Raiz accepted what the carpenter told him without objecting.

“It will take some more time, huh… We should give our best.”

He let out a deep sigh and looked at what was going to become his new house.
The roof was entirely made of wood, some of which was recycled from the old hut.
Since it was still under construction and didn’t have any walls, they planned to let the wind pass through the building to mitigate the damage.

“So, this is it, huh.”

Raiz heard a voice and turned to see who just talked.
Two figures were walking toward the house with their faces concealed by hoods.

“This is the monsters’ farm.”

“Or rather, it should be…”

It looked like they were searching for Raiz’s house, but since it was destroyed, the workers were building it anew, so it wasn’t easy to understand what was happening.

“It should be full of houses, but there’re only fences at best. And what’s with that roof… is that even attached?”

“Why are you asking me! Anyway, he should live around here… Ah! There’s someone there!
Thank goodness, let’s go ask them! Excuse me!”

A woman’s voice reached the tamer.

“Excuse me, do you perhaps know where Raiz Tamer…”

But she stopped.

“Err… how can I help you?”

He was perplexed. She had some business with him but fell silent all of a sudden.

“Who… might you be, lady?”

“Hey, wait for me…! Oh, is that you, Raiz?”

The other figure got closer and asked with a male voice.

“Are you… Merck?”

“Yes, I am. It’s been a while.”

The man took off his hood revealing a handsome face.

“If you’re here, then…”

Raiz’s gaze set upon the other figure, who looked startled at first, then mastered her courage and revealed her face.

“It’s been a while, Lety.”

Her confident eyes were betrayed by her embarrassed look.

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