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Acan Translations is a team of two drinking buddies who like light novels and other lovely things. “Acan” is the Mayan God of alcohol, wine and intoxicating beverages, so we thought it was a clever name for us. Fufluns sounds better, though.

We love to spend our time translating and drinking and we’ll try to keep a regular schedule for releases, but sometimes life just doesn’t allow us to, so we warmly invite the readers to be understading and patient.

We are not machine-translators and we want to provide good translations for native-speakers, so we greatly appreciate criticisms and suggestions, and warmly invite you to report any error you might find in our releases or anywhere on this website.

We will rephrase and adjust what we think is necessary to make things more fluent and understandable. This means that we might add pieces to the original sentences, avoid to translate useless ones, change or drop redundant parts, and so on.
We put understandibility and original meaning above the original words and phrasing.

We will add a “consistency guide” in each of our project pages. Its use is to remember me (the translator) names, places and stuff.

You’re welcome to send us an e-mail or drop a comment somewhere on this website for any question. We will read them and check our mail-box every once in a while, but remember that we’re forgetful slowpokes.

Our aim is to provide readers with quality and not quantity, and we’ll try our best to improve over time.

If you want to translate one or more of our projects, we’d prefer if you ask first and, in case we accept, credit us by leaving a link to our website in your project page or in the chapters you release.

We will now accept donations. You can now pay for the next chapter of your favorite novel. We’ll priorize the paid series, but won’t neglect the others.
By making a donation you accept that your money will be spent as we want, might it be for drinking a beer together, for upgrading our workstation, for buying something useless, for supporting the original authors of the series we are translating, or for whatever crosses our mind.
Thank you for understanding.

Please, refrain from talking about piracy and don’t share anything that might result in copyright infringement. This is not the right place for such things.

Acan Translations own the translations on this website, but all of the contents which are not specified in this page belong to their respective owners (i.e. novels illustrations, the raws we translate from…).

– Ilyrox for the home page header. He is an adorable young drinking buddy who is currently attending an animation academy as well as an university. He likes goth, cute stuff, and yaoi. We found his art lovely, and we warmly invite you to look at more of his drawings on his instagram! He is friendly and well-mannered, so don’t hold back if you want to talk to him! He is also open to commissions!

– Teerree4 for this website. He is a young and cute drinking buddy who started to work in the web developing field some years ago, and is currently our webmaster as well as an occasional cheerleader for our translator. He likes football, video games and trance music. We warmly invite you to contact him at this address for any suggestion regarding this website. Given his friendly nature, he will answer any question you might ask him (and if he doesn’t, your mail just ended up in his spam folder)! He is also open to commissions!